If you have $4290 lying around...

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  1. Double NO on my part.
  2. Ridiculous!
    You could buy the entire contents of a shut-down professional minilab for that sort of money.
    Mind you, filling it up with fresh chemicals might be a bit expensive on top of the hardware cost.

    What's the average pro-lab price for process only? About $10 per film? So 420 films later, you'd only be out of pocket by the (not inconsiderable) cost of the chemicals, and costing out your time at $0. Plus these things aren't maintenance free. They need time-consuming regular cleaning.

    All that doesn't sound very cost-effective to me.:confused:
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  3. I have seen mini-lab equipment going for peanuts on eBay...
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  4. The problem with automated high volume processors is that unless you are running a lot of film the cost per roll is high and keeping the chemistry balanced is a nightmare. To do it right you have to run the machine daily and run a test strip through it every day or nearly every day. Then the strip needs to be analyzed and the results logged to ensure replenishment rates are correct. Been there done that. It’s a pain to keep the chemicals correct if you don’t use it almost every day.

    Rick H.
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  5. It doesn't replenish which cost me a lot of money for the chemicals. I would rather buy a used Noritsu machine. But yeah having enough volume is a problem. So Photo.net members do you want to send me your film????
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