If you had just one lens - what would it be?

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  1. Excluding something like a 18-200mm or a 24-120mm. What lens would it be if you were visiting a common city/town like what most people do? So not as a wildlife or sport tourist etc.
    I have always used a wide angle zoom and a 35 or 50mm equiv prime. Not sure if I am missing much but not using a mid zoom or any telephoto. But yeah with the 35 it is kind a duplicate to the wide zoom but smaller.
  2. For me personally, on a full frame I'd take the fastest 50 I have.
  3. I think 24-85 would do the job, but most of the time I venture out with my Tammy 90/2.8 and it also give me the macro, which I often use.
  4. On a full frame i would get a 24-70mm zoom - this is the lens I use most of the time. On a cropped sensor 18-55mm has the same function.
  5. If I am allowed a zoom at all, then the 16-35. If it has to be a prime, then most likely a 24 (oth these choices are for FX); but any lens between 20 and 35 would be fine. I'd be rather unhappy with anything longer than 35 as my only lens in that scenario. On a DX body, my preference would be the Tokina 14-20/2 as the best compromise between range and speed.
    I have always used a wide angle zoom and a 35 or 50mm equiv prime.​
    That's two - so why don't you give us your ONE lens selection?
  6. A kit zoom. I haven't shot one last year but recall them producing acceptable 4K stills and offering almost enough versatility.
  7. Yup ... a zoom is fine. Just not a swiss army lens with a larger focal length range. :) Just wanna get an idea of certain focal lengths'.
    Haha - yes, a single I would go with a ultra wide angle zoom.
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    Thought I'd posted this already, but never mind.
    This question is a lot like asking me what I'd order in a Moroccan restaurant, when I don't much like that cuisine and would try pretty hard not to be there.
    Just as I'd try not to be in a city with one lens. I get enough photographs in that environment from each of a wide-medium zoom and a 70-200 to make carrying both worthwhile, unless I convince myself that this is a pleasant city but without much photographic interest in which case I may well not carry a camera at all. If you're using the right bag, changing lenses is very quick and doesn't involve putting the bag down. So for me, no reason not to match the equipment to the opportunity.
  9. Wonderful wording, David, TY so much!
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    This year on two extended holidays I learned that my old trusty 17-35mm 2.8 was all I needed for almost all my landscape shots. It remained attached about 90% of the time. But, I shoot landscapes primarily, others prefer street work.

    (This shot is actually at 17mm)
  11. Gup

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    ... and this one at 35mm.
  12. For years I used a 35m camera with a fixed 50mm lens and the convenience outweighed any missed
    shots. I was content to look and move on. Now I have come to like and use a wider angle, a 35mm or
    28mm equivalent. Still I see some shots that another lens might be be needed but I am content to take
    what i can and otherwise just look and move on.
  13. I'd never travel with one lens. But one more than one occasion, I have traveled with 3 lenses and ended up using only one for 90% of my shots. On those occasions, that lens was the Sigma 35mm/1.4 ART. Here are a couple of examples:
  14. Depends on what format you are shooting.
    Nikon DX = 18-70 or 18-140 VR. The 18-140 VR is my current lens.
    Nikon 35mm = 35-105, 28-85. Both of these lenses have extended reach over my old 43-86.
    On my old Nikkormat and Nikon F2, I used the 43-86 for years in company with a 24mm. And that pair worked just fine.
    As has been mentioned, I find the wide more important than the tele. However, as with many things "it depends" on what you shoot. Which is why when I was younger I also carried a 80-200/f4.5 and a 105/f2.5 to reach out further than the 86 on my 43-86. I can't carry that kind of weight any more, getting old sucks, so I have been more careful of my kit.
  15. It's not clear, but I'll read the question to mean any lens, including those you don't own, and I'll restrict it to those fitting the cameras I do own.
    So for a city trip I'd ideally take the Olympus 12-40 f2.8 zoom (on my GX7 body). I don't own this lens and I'm not very likely to buy it, as I'm not constrained by the requirement made in the question. But you did ask.
  16. I cannot leave my phone at home so it would just have to be whatever lens is on it. It seems to be about a 35mm equivalent lens.
  17. EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II.
  18. Pretty easy, I figured this one out long ago. A 28/3.5 or 2.8 Nikkor. Manual focus. I carry a 3.5 on a film body nearly everywhere I go. The 28 was the lens that introduced me to wideangle and truly had an effect on photography for me. If I were shooting in a DX format, same answer. It just works for me.

    Rick H.
  19. Nikon 24-120 f4
  20. Canon's 24-70mm L series has always been my go to lens. It is extremely reliable and well built and not a bad weight in the mark 2.

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