If you could have it back......

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  1. Canon 135mm f2 EF, Canon 35mm f2 IS, 50mm f1.4 EF.
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  2. I've never sold any gear because it's never been worth very much at all, even as a trade-in. I guess the corollary is that I keep using digital cameras until they're virtually worthless.
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  3. Last year I sold my EOS 3 plus 2 EF "L" lenses for a reasonably significant amount. I doubt I will regret the sale since I have no plans to use film or a DSLR again (unless I miraculously receive a brand new L4 and L5 vertebrae).
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  4. SCL


    The Leica M4 which I owned for 43 years and an early 2000s Summicron 50/2 lens. I knew what I was doing at the time, desperately needed the $, but..........
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  5. Ferengi five stages of acquisition: 1 - Infatuation, 2 - Justification, 3 - Appropriation, 4 - Obsession, 5 - Resale
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  6. Almost the same. - After thinking very hard, I do regret buying 2 used light stands for my employer (instead of for myself) and splitting with my Jobo CPE 2 and a nice handy tank for 5 reels of 35mm.
  7. Stage 5-alternate is to put it in a closet, never to be used again, and with it's value rapidly depreciating. My own approach on far too many items, not just photographic.
  8. Yes. We could perhaps do with a thread titled "If you could give it back...".
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  9. There are a few. I wish I could track down my first F2 and I foolishly sold my 180/2.8 and 135/2 Nikkors but they have been replaced. For some reason I’d like to find my old Sigma 80-200....

    Rick H.
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  10. I can’t believe I sold the Leica IIIc (a bit ratty, but my first good camera) for the same $50 it cost me a few years before. I got the SLR bug, bought the newly released (1966) Canon TL-QL, and never looked back. I could have scraped up the $50 by playing one more party with my band. Oh well - I was young and dumb.
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  11. Thank you, I now have an unshakable mental image of camera collectors having large bald heads, enormous ears and pointy little teeth!
  12. A Speed Graphic which I only owned for a year or so then sold. With a focal plane and/or leaf shutter. It could be used hand held.
    Also a Minolta X700 and 35-70mm lens. One of my first cameras that travelled the world with me and gave fantastic results. I part ex'd the Minolta for a Nikon F4s and got less than £150 for it. I since bought another X700 (which soon broke) but I would still like the very one I sold if only for sentimental reasons.
  13. Nikon 50mm f2.0 non-ais sold when I purchased 50mm f1.4. But I bought another after I purchased a Nikon F.
  14. "photo gear" will be worthless in the next few years due to advances in smartphones...
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  15. then just send it all to me.i will gladly accept all donations.
  16. Doesn't look that way, money worth nothing according the stock market, but I just sold Pentax SP1000. Looks like demand still here.
  17. I don't regret anything I sold.:)
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  18. I'm usually stuck here.
  19. No regrets. I like and use my current gear more than anything I previously had.
  20. “I never made a mistake in my life; at least, never one that I couldn't explain away afterwards.”
    —Rudyard Kipling

    And one especially relevant for the occasional photographer engaged in a discussion about gear ...

    “The opposite of creation is not destruction but JUSTIFICATION. If you don’t have what you want, you have been justifying (trying to prove your wrong actions are right), not creating.”
    —Meir Ezra

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