If you bought the D850 when it was on sales for $2496

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by BeBu Lamar, Jul 6, 2021.

  1. Then you could make money selling it.
    B&H is selling the "Import" version for $2995. Adorama is selling refurbished for $3296.
    Perhaps D850 is no more?
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    I maybe willing to sell my D850 for $5000 :cool:
    The thing is that the F mount is dead. All F-mount cameras and lenses will stop working on February 29, 2022. o_O
  3. I have no facts to base this on but I’m wondering if Nikon is going to bring out another series of DSLR bodies. Others here have thought for some time that mirrorless is going to take over completely. If so I suspect it will be rammed down our throats for many. I have a feeling that all the manufacturers are waiting to see what happens in the next two years after we hopefully get back to normal. I’ve talked to several pros who aren’t seeing the need, news and sports guys, commercial and studio, they aren’t sold. Mostly around here it is serious amateur/hobbyists. I keep thinking the dslr market just got overloaded and mirrorless is the way to get more sales. If all my F mount stuff is going to vapor lock next year though…..

    Rick H.
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  4. Based on the electronic shortages I'm hearing about, now it's the little MLCC capacitors that are used in everything, it's a wonder they can build anything digital at all. Glad I kept my F-mount film camera and medium/large format stuff. Darkroom is still ready to go if I do some serious dusting- about 20 years worth!
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  5. Or the cameras are sitting offshore on a container ship.;)
  6. Sorry, but that day will never come.
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  7. I think the real risk for Nikon is people moving away from Nikon F and instead of the Z system go elsewhere. I would personally jump to a Fujifilm GFX100S if I had the option to sell all my gear as a package, for instance. If Nikon really wants to stay in the camera game, it's going to need to step up and do some cool stuff with medium format....
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  8. The deadline has been extended to the 31 September, 2022
  9. Talking of Medium Format...

    Anyone looked at the size of the image circle for the Z mount S series lenses?

  10. If 5-6 million ILCs per year is the stable market size, medium format could only be a few thousand units per year. Nikon would have to make a complete new lens line. Given Nikon's ISO 64 vs. MF sensors having ISO 100 and only a little bit larger size than FX, Nikon can already get close in image quality. Maybe not quite as good as MF but with faster lenses, a broader range of focal lengths, and much better viewfinders go a long way. My guess is that FX sensors reach 100 MP quite soon, within 5 years.
  11. Although Nikon had made lenses for all different format from large format, medium format to 35mm and smaller but they never made any cameras bigger than 35mm so I don't think they will make them now.

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