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  1. Given the internal logic of your question. You can't be wrong. If you felt that way about your photo, then why would you ever ask for a critique?
  2. In order to troll?
  3. Yeah, I thing Mr. Johnson thinks he's employing the Socratic method by posing a statement (the original post) as a question or in Zen Buddhism, a Koan. Doug, are you truly interested in an answer or are you just trolling? Do tell.
  4. I think Doug has left the building.... for good. He expressed interest in being deleted from p.n.
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  5. If one is right than how can they be wrong? It’s all subjective really. I’ve yet to take the perfect photo and do not recall anyone ever claiming they did.
  6. If photographers requests critique, by your terms, it would mean they did not know "whether they got it right or not" and want opinions about it. If you think your photo is "perfect" why would you request a critique -- besides enjoying others chatting about your work?
  7. " why would you request a critique" Doug.

    Me, never. Usually they are either , a love in from the fans, or, very negative.

    They, forget, or don't care, photographers are at different times ,and different places.

    We are humanoid.

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