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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by alvin_lim|5, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Just received my 24mm from Keh and according to the description, it is supposed to be an Ai lens (converted by Nikon).
    When the lens came, the prong is the Non Ai prong. From the ridge, it does look like it has been converted but I just want to make sure that it is. Hope you guys can help. Thanks!
    I did mount it successfully on my FM2n and D70s; the lens mounted without a hitch.
  2. Yes, that lens has been converted to Ai. 100% safe on both your FM2N and D70.
    It has the original non-AI "prong" (no holes), but appears to have a factory Ai aperture ring installed. A bit unusual, as most factory Ai conversions also replace the prong with a new one with holes.
  3. Cool, thanks Michael. I was quite surprised by the Non Ai prong and the Ai aperture ring; but I am still happy with the lens.
    Thanks again for the confirmation!
  4. A factory converted lens will have a new AI aperture ring, including the second ADR aperture scale. However, a genuine AI lens will also have a Maximum Aperture Indicator post, which is an integral part of the AI mount, and which is not present in a converted lens. A genuine AI-s lens will have a Lens Type Signal Notch in the lens mount - also not present in a converted lens. The aperture ring/metering prong isn't always proof positive of the "AI/AI-s" status of a lens. I have an 85/2.0 AI-s Nikkor (#3005xx), which is a genuine AI-s according to the serial# (and by virtue of the features described above) but which, for reasons unclear to me, has an old "pre-AI" solid prong.
  5. Thanks David for the explanation. Checked my lens and there is the ADR aperture scale.

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