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  1. P1420796.JPG P1420715.JPG P1420716.JPG P1420768.JPG P1420769.JPG P1420794.JPG P1420796.JPG hello, can anyone help with identifying this camera? is it original or copy the range finder seems to be from later models. no one i know in Greece can help.
  2. On first study it looks like an authentic Leica II and lens to me, or at least it is quite a good copy, although I am not confident as the flash shoe surround does not look quite correct. Can you show the inside of the camera - take the lens off, and also the bottom plate? The engraving on the shutter speed dial looks a little off too. If it is a fake then it is quite a good one and they may have replaced some Zorki bits with authentic Leica spares (shutter release, rangefinder)
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  3. Looking at this serial number listing...

    Leica Screw Mount Serial #'s Sorted by Number

    it appears 14008 is too early to be an original model II, so possibly a Leica I from a 1928 production batch, converted later to a II by the factory?
  4. Serial number 14008 would make it a Leica I according to Cameraquest. If this is the case, then it presumably may have been modified and upgraded to be a Leica II in the factory: this may account for some of issues I mention above.
  5. Greg-great minds think alike...
  6. All that seems likely. The early Leica II was black with nickel knobs. Hard to tell, but those look like chrome, so conversion may have been later.
    It looks genuine
  7. thank you all ! here is a picture without the bottom plate. the lens is fixed and i cannot see a way of taking it off unless i start unscrewing.
    P1420807.JPG P1420812.JPG
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  8. It looks real enough, and as above, a factory conversion judging by the serial number. The lens should unscrew from the body anticlockwise unless it's jammed in the mount. It's easier to do this with the infinity lock engaged, but this may not work properly on yours as the focusing lever looks a bit bent.
  9. Is this working or need more CLP? Looks like a nice piece .
  10. Hi . to my ear i can differentiate shutter speeds but this does not mean it is working properly. i use my F2 for my B and A photos. this Leica however is beautifull just to hold.

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