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  1. Is iceland any good for photos? Was going and wanted to know what to look for. probably just scenery shots i would assume.
  2. there are LOTS of photo expeditions/workshops going to Iceland these days so I'm guessing that it's pretty photogenic ;)
  3. In the upper right hand corner of your screen is a search box. Just type in "Iceland" and hit go. You will be directed to many articles and forum posts on Iceland.
    The entire country is one big photo op. The linked posts should help you refine the question.
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    Go onto Flickr and type Iceland into the search box. There will be a huge response, many of which will be uninteresting or pertinent only to one person. But there will also be a vast number of landscape scenes, the likes of which are hard to find anywhere else
    Consider buying the book "Lost in Iceland" by Sigurdeir Sigurjonsson, or Iceland by Patrick Desgraupes, both worth having whether you go or not.
    Look at these sites his Iceland portfolio Raymo photography
    There are lots of others but these will keep you occupied for a while , and if there's nothing there to impress you, I wouldn't go.
  5. [​IMG] this is Geyser.
    I visited Iceland for three days on my way to Amsterdam. Found it to be one of the most photogenic locales I have ever seen. It reminded me of Yellowstone on steroids - the geologicals that is, not the wildlife. The entire island is one gigantic earthquake/volcano waiting to happen. The word geyser (think Old Faithful) is an Icelandic word and of course you will have to go see Geyser. I plan on returning for an extended trip in the next year or two. I barely scratched the surface. Conventional wisdom is that one day, the tectonic plates are going to slip on that fault and Iceland will simply disappear.
    Read up on weather. I was there on June 1st and their is no night - it is bright light 24 hours a day. Need eyeshade to sleep. Have many landscape photos that were shot at midnight at 400ISO and hand held. Other times of the year, there is almost no daylight and can be extremely cold. If you want to shoot Aurora Borealis, winter is the time to go.
    Few other notes - it is an expensive country. Hotel and food are expensive, but very good and comfortable. Hope you enjoy fish which is on every menu, but Icelanders eat horse and puffins too. In fancy restaurants. Had horse steak one night. It does not taste like chicken. Had a psychological hurdle to get over berfore earting my sirloin of horse, but there was no way I could eat a puffin. Beer is excellent by the way, but it would take roughly a case before I would order and eat a puffin on a stick.
    This is the main fault line where the two major geological plates meet. They are moving very fast in geological terms and one day one will slip and good bye Iceland.
    this shot taken at midnight, hand held [​IMG]
  6. Is this a serious question?
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    Well he's been around here for a while, has nearly 250 posts, and has asked similarly phrased questions before. But factually you never know whether anyone is real and of serious intent.
  8. I've just not ever heard of someone seriously asking if an entire country (let alone one at the top of many photographers
    list of places to visit) is "worth" seeing. Well, fwiw, the answer here is likely a universal, resounding yes. A monkey with
    an instamatic from 50 years ago would be hard pressed to take bad shots in Iceland.
  9. No, no good for pictures. Leave your camera at home when you go.

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