I want to scan medium format...cheap

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by evan_sears, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. ...but I understand that you get what you pay for, most of the time.
    Are there any cheaper scanners (under $400) that can scan meduim


    Are there any modifications I could do to a non-medium format
    scanner to accomodate the larger size?
  2. Depends how large you want to go, and what quality you want. For its price and what I use it for, the Epson 3170 does fine with 6x6 and 6x9.

    If you're in the US, you can get some really good deals on refurbished units.
  3. Do you mean "inexpensive", cheap would imply that the Epson's could be good enough. But, inexpensive would indicate not.
  4. Yeah...I suppose "inexpensive" would be better, wouldn't it?

    How about the Canoscan 8400F and the Epson perfection 4180?
  5. I want to scan medium format...cheap
    Everybody wants something...
  6. Several Epson flatbed scanners are widely used: models 2450, 3200 and 4180 among them. They have an illuminated cover and firmware to allow scanning negatives and transparencies. You can get a credible scan of medium format, effectively about 1200 ppi though the pixel count can be bloated through resampling if you choose. I use my 2450 at about 2400 ppi, and resample for printing, if necessary, in Photoshop, along with considerable sharpening.

    The film holders are not very good. Most people make their own or buy holders from a third party (search PNET). If you will do much scanning, it pays to get SilverFast AI (about $100). The included software is primitive, and SilverFast will give better color, more consistency and a better work flow for batch scanning.

    You obviously know that a dedicated film scanner will give considerably better results, but cost 5x as much. The quality you will get from medium format from a flatbed scanner is not quite as good as 35mm from a film scanner.
  7. Evan,

    I have MF kit ready to go (I've sent you private e-mail about this): Epson 2450 + My own filmm holder (up to 3 x 6x7) + Silverfast Ai 6 + Silverfast IT8 Target / Calibration Software. Like you want: cheap :)

    Also I have YashicaMat 124G ready to change its owner.
    I went big: Mamiya 6, RB67 + ArtixScan 120tf.


    PS: moderator, sorry if this is off-topic.
  8. You can have it:

    Good, fast, cheap. Pick any two.

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