I want to build a 4X5 camera; how accurate do I have to be with placing the ground glass?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by derek_reid, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. True - my increasingly scattered brain came back to this thread without realizing why I was here.

    (why did I come into the kitchen?)
  2. I used a sheet film step-and-repeat contact printer back in the 1970s. That had a pressure plate against glass arrangement.

    Not a camera as such though, admittedly..... but; I also have an old Linhof film-holder that uses a pressure plate. The film is pushed against the margins of the slide when the holder is closed. Quite a clever arrangement. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to use the standard 3/16" register.
  3. Are you talking about the Linhof GlassPlate/Sheet Film Holder? That had a spacer plate to adjust for the difference in thickness of a glass plate and a sheet of film. It was not appying pressure to the sheet film, it also had an ejector lever to prevent finger nail scratches when removing the glass plate.
  4. - Quite possibly. The gap didn't look wide enough to take a glass plate though, and the pressure plate definitely moved far enough forward to trap a sheet of film against its plastic surround.

    I never used it because the darkslide insert was cracked and I couldn't find any suitable material to cut a new one. Beside not being able to unglue the old one from its top plate.

    I still have it lying around somewhere.

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