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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by kemmerichphoto, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. I use a 20d and I am looking for a small point and shoot digital
    camera. I want to be able to use raw format and small enough to fit
    into my pocket, I have been searching and cant seem to find one that
    fits the mold. Basically when I go out to hang out...its a pain to
    lug the 20d I want something smaller with great quality...possible
    8x10 prints. If I can stay with a canon because of the compact flash
    cards great...if not thats ok.

  2. I wanted the same thing recently and wound up with a Canon S70.

    At the lower ISO speeds the quality is great! A surprisingly powerful set of features also.
    Check them out.
  3. I agree about the S70. I took it on a recent trip to London and have been amazed at how good the prints are from it. I blew one up to 24x32 and it is still sharp. Better than my D70 and much better than 35mm film.
  4. Canon S70 review:

  5. Thank you, I read all the reviews and as of Monday I have not yet been to the store, but with greater thought I have a feeling this camera will go into a lot of low light work, has anybody had any experience with that, and might there be a better choice or is this going to be the best choice? I will continue to look around and get my behind to the store.
  6. what about olympus camedia c70 zoom. I have c60 zoom and it's quite good, but has no raw. C70 zoom has raw and should be very good.
  7. "...I have a feeling this camera will go into a lot of low light work..."

    Boy, you do want it all don't you? Tell you what Keith, if you find that camera come back
    and tell us about it.

    There have been many other threads about the mythological "digital Leica". It doesn't
    exist... yet.
  8. Gary Fong has a review of the Fuji F10...sounds like he really likes it because it goes up to ISO1600:http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=garyfong1
  9. I am a firm believer of getting what I want...when I want it
  10. >>I am a firm believer of getting what I want...when I want it<<

    In this case, you'll have to invent it..and then, fabricate it as well. If it comes out good, we'll buy a few samples from you ;)

    Have you looked at the G series of Canon's P&S line. They have the swivel screen which I think it's a great addition as well as the ability of using EX flashes if/when the need arises.
  11. " am a firm believer of getting what I want...when I want it." Me too Keith, boobele. It started at Catholic Montessori pre-school when I bit kid's ear. And then, threw a telephone at bathroom monitor. From there just went downhill until I met my Aussie beach girl, a Kendo karate teacher who kicked the crap out of me. Now I make do skillfully with my trusty Olympus C 5050. If it does RAW,so who would know?. Raw is yours truly. Oh yes, reference the article by the pro who uses passle of mid range digicams for published assignments. So,man, be well, may trade winds and surf girls follow you always.<p> Aloha,<p>
    Gerry Siegel, A.B.
    House of Irwin,Pty. kosher delicacies and dog treats since 1996. Halvah ice cream a specialty. Shipping worldwide(except Canada)
  12. C 5050 takes CF and two other formats. Shoots RAW if you must have that. And can be fit in a large camp shorts pocket. Makes a bulge. No larger than a cod piece though. Great camera. Also the newer C series,eg 5060,7070 are nice. Paste a Canon label over Oly and you'd never know that they are just Olympuses. (Or is it Olympians.) Well,anyway, great products,check them out before you commit. Ask Todd Frederick. Ask me. And read the reviews by Dr. Wrotniak on his web site. GS
  13. WOW!!! Thanks for the info, I dont care what the name on my camera says...As long as it fits
    my needs and wants...and send a few of those surf girls my way...please....

    If I have to build it....we might be waiting a long time....so I reccommend that you might want
    to invent your own and then let me know.

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