I took the plunge: 35 Summilux asph.

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  1. After years of reading LF members' comments, and looking at their wonderful shots, I bought a 35mm 1:1.4 Summilux asph. late model (3937xxx). I'd like to think I got it at a good price ($2,350); it arrives on Tuesday. We shall see. In the meantime, I'd be grateful for user comments -- "positive & negative." I plan to mate it with my indomitable M2.
  2. Congrats on your purchase! I would be most interested in your take on this lens, and in seeing some photos taken with it. I shoot with an M2 as well, although I use the much older 35mm f/2 8-element Summicron or the Canon 35mm f/2 LTM for that focal length. I suspect that your new lens will provide excellent contrast, definition, and evenness of illumination, even at full aperture. By all means let us know what you think of it after you have had the chance to use it.
  3. Hey Paul, I think the price sounds great, but what a plunge. If you jump into water, it may as well be the deep end.
    I bought one but have wondered if I should have gone the practical route with Zeiss, but then I used it and have never looked back. The attached was shot on Tri-X at 800, 1,4. The scene was pretty dark as you can see. This was pushing the MP, glass and me.
    Next is a 75/1,4?
  4. it's an absolute cracker of a lens! amAzing performance at any aperture, and in any lighting situation. i had mine - from new - for six years, and just sold it for what i paid for it [£1,400] - lol! i only sold it because i wanted the diminutive, fly-weight summicron - which the 'lux.asph considerably dwarfs. plus i think i - just slightly - prefer the 'cron 'signature', generally. you Will love it, though - for At Least six years : ]
  5. I'm sure your excited to see shooting results. I went a different route. I wanted to shoot hand-held, under interior ambient light. I bought the most recent 28/2.8. The used mint optic was priced at $1200 and is the size of a smaller 35/2.0 V4. In theory, a 28/2.8 wide open with slower shutter speed may pull as sharp an image as a modern 35/2.0. Of course its not a 1.4.
  6. Be ready: this lens will amaze you. I took the plunge about three years ago and the lens has been attached to one of my
    M6TTL bodies ever since. Again, be ready: you'll become addicted to it.

    Before I forget, buy an ND filter to use it wide open all over the place.
  7. We all do stupid things in life, and one of mine was selling the 35mm Summilux ASPH which I purchased new at a tasty price during Leica's dark years at the early part of this decade. I had a Summicron in this focal length, and also the new 50mm Summilux ASPH, which I thought would be my main lens, so I thought the 35mm Summilux ASPH was duplicative in terms of both vision and speed. But there's nothing better for the low light work indoors.
  8. Congrats on your new 35mm! I wanted 35/1.4, but, end up with 35/2 because of budget....always wonderful to get that extra stops ;) You will love it, and addicted to!!!
  9. Paul, you are going to have a lot of fun with that lens! Fast, sharp all around, and flare resistent! I hope you got the black model ... I have the Titanium, and it can be a heavy beast. Even so, it's solid and makes you feel like you are holding real build quality. The design was the precursor to the 50mm Lux Asph. I use it on my RD-1s when I want f1.4 and a 50mm field of view.
  10. SCL


    It's a great lens. I owned mine only a couple of weeks and decided I prefered the more diminuitive Summicron, but either way they both deliver again and again. Congratulations...most people who try them leave them to their estates!
  11. When I think about it, not one of the 35mm f1.4 lenses I've used can match the Lux asph. The 35mm Pre-Asph Lux is soft wide open and flares. It's more like a classic Summicron with an extra emergency stop. And two versions of the 35mm f.14 Nikkor I have used can't match the lux asph wide open. I've never tried the 35mm f1.2 VC Nokton, though I have heard good things about it ... and yet I can't bring myself to buy one when I've got the Lux, and see no need to switch. I think once you've got the Lux Asph, you pretty much have the best.
  12. By the way, Paul ... the lens comes with a big, rectangular, cut-out hood. After a while I started leaving the hood at home. You should try it without the hood, because the lens is so flare resistent, and the view is so much better.
  13. Big congats. I like zeiss big time but it's not going to compare to this. POST Pictures.
  14. Congrats, Paul. Ive had mine for three years and its the best. For the films I shoot (50, 64, 160) I needed the extra stop. After awhile you'll start noticing its signature and its hard to go back to the Summicrons. AFAIK Leica hit a homerun with this baby as it did with the 50 Lux ASP.
    [Carlucci has the 35 Lux ASP trading at $2800.]
  15. Hi Paul This lens works swell in the day time too. I bought mine new four years ago when the price was pretty reasonable. I regret buying a silver one - it is quite heavy....but I'll keep her!!
  16. Thanks to all my LF friends for the words of encouragement: now I've got to show you photos -- hopefully next week. It is the black model, Frederick. I hope I'm as successful with it as you are. . .
  17. Wonderful lens, I posted this in a prior discussion of it here:
  18. It's amazing how Leica has the devoted believing things like $2350 is a good price for a used 35mm prime lens. I suppose when a company has the audacity to charge $4195 for a new one, $2350 sounds downright cheap. Amazing KoolAid Leica produces. The lenses are very good though, especially the 35 Summicron.
  19. Yes, it's amazing what they charge, although it's impossible whether to say it's "overpriced" because it does seem to be about the best 35mm (focal length) lens anyone makes. After all, there are several comparably priced medium- and large-format lenses out there (I thought I got a steal on a used premium 8x10 lens for which I paid exactly what the OP paid his asph) and it could be argued that a great lens is at least as important for small formats as for large. Whatever-- photographers can tell the difference and are willing to pay for it.
  20. Yes Ralph, they are great lenses, no doubt, and cost is relative anyway. The only pictures I have hanging in my house were taken with the amazing 35 Summicron. I've never come across a better lens.
    Someone has to needle you Leica guys once-in-awhile. :)
    I forgot, congrats Paul!
  21. Congratulations! It doesn't get any better.
  22. Thanks, Vic. Haven't seen your name in a while.
  23. Hi Jeffery,
    Leica may price these at $4500 but market forces sets the used price. Id rather pay $2350 than $4500. I got my second for $2250 and my first for $1650. This is a must have lens for me; I paid the piper and never looked back on this one. I paid $1700 for a black M7 --.58 mag -- I never looked back on that buy either.
  24. You got some good deals Paul. Congrats!
  25. I think you'll like that lens. I just love it:)
    Leica MP with Summilux 35mm ASPH, f:1.4 lens and Voigtlaender olive canvas strap

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