I need to change my email address (still).

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  1. I last posted about this in May 2020. My old email address will soon not be in use at all. I have tried again to change my old address to a newer one but all I get is "saving".
    Is there yet any way of changing an email address as when my old one is no longer in use, I assume I wont be able to log in or get any emails from Photo.net. ?
  2. Sandy Vongries

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  3. Sandy,
    Hmmm. Where will I find that?
  4. BTW, email forwarding still not working. Be careful who you give your photo.net "special" address to...it don't work!
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  5. At the top of this page, on the right, you should see the word “inbox.” Click on that and you should find all your pms, personal messages, which PN calls “conversations.” If you are on an tablet or phone, you might not see the word “inbox.” In that case, you may see a red circle with a number in it. Click that, and you should see alerts notifying you of conversations you have. Click on the conversation Sandy began with you.
  6. I don’t think you should change your email address even after it becomes invalid- it’s just a username and given the vagaries of the system you might be stuck in limbo and lose access to your account. Also, Private Messages (PMs), not emails, are used for correspondence between members (although an email is also sent).
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