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  1. I had a Maxxum 7D and now, a 2nd hand Sony A77. My Minolta AF 24-105 /3.5-4.5 D finally failed. I got another one on ebay that's full of dust and fungus. It was my most often used lens but the images seemed a little soft. So I'm looking for suggestions. Sony made a 24-105 so that would have to be newer than a Minolta, but better? I've been reading good things about the Sigma 24-105 A mount art lens. Almost 2 lbs...not a deal breaker..but that seems way heavy. Is there anything else out there in A mount that takes a sharp image and doesn't break the bank. I just can't afford "G" glass.
  2. When Sony bought Minolta's photographic assets and launched their first bodies and lenses, they essentially just brought some of Minolta's lenses over and rebranded them as Sony. The 24-105 was one of those lenses. So, yes, a Sony 24-105 will be newer than a Minolta 24-105, and they will have different conditions based on their life with the previous owner(s), but they would have been manufactured essentially identically.

    I can't say anything about the Sigma lens as I've never used one, but I only hear good things about Sigma's Art series.

    Sony does have 16-105mm and 18-135mm lenses that I guess you should be considering too.

    One final point, and this is in no way meant to be aimed at you, but there is a tendency online for people to be real lens snobs. Remember that you can make many fantastic images with lenses that don't cost thousands of dollars.
  3. Thank you, Colin, for taking the time to answer my questions and to make some good suggestions. I was so stuck on the 24-105 business that I never noticed more practical solutions were available like the Sony 18-135 you mentioned. My lens lineup is a Minolta 11-18..then my 24-105 void..then a Minolta 100-300 D and a Minolta 500mm mirror lens. I read many favorable reviews on the 18-135, It fills my gap and with 30mm upper end buffer, weighs half as much as the Sigma, costs a lot less money and uses the same filters I already have. I'll shop around a bit and likely order one. So again, thanks for helping me out. On another note, the world's largest flying anything..Antonov 225 Mriya visited Anchorage several times recently hauling corvid 19 supplies to Canada. This one was taken with my Minolta 24-105. Thank God for spot remova DSC07854 (2).JPG67.JPG l tool.
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  4. I feel so fortunate. I shopped around for a 18-135 and found a new listing for one on ebay. New in box including 2 new sealed Hoya NXT uv and a cpl filters for $120.00 delivered. Here's a couple pics..

    6-18-06 critters 013.jpg 6-18-06 critters 019.jpg
  5. Looks like you found a "keeper."
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