I need slogan help!!!

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by jen_kidd, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Hello all!
    I am just starting out in the business and I am making some business
    cards this weekend! I need help on coming up with a slogan for my
    cards! I know this may be taboo, but if anyone has any suggestions
    I would love to hear them!
  2. Jen-

    Been through this one myself... Tough to come up with something original that's not too cheesy yet more original than "portraits and such". Something I thought of, but have not chosen to use myself based on the negative connotation, was "Photographic Mercenary".

    Depends on how serious you take yourself and your job. Good luck to you.
  3. Thank you Michael! I love your slogan, its very creative!
    Yeah, it has been really tough trying to come up with something, I have thought about "Capturing your memories" but I think that may be too over the edge : )
    I want to be original but not cheesy
    Thanks again!
  4. 1- "from your point of view" - Photography. OR- "we capture the moment" or- "photographs now for tomorrow" or- "today forever photos" or ????
  5. "We take better photos than you."

    or maybe (and this one is a little on the long side...)

    "If you weren't such a crappy photographer, you wouldn't be holding our card right now"

    I say hyperaggressive marketing is the only way to go! :)
  6. Jen,
    You really need to come up with this yourself! Creativity is at the heart of photography. Take a walk, have some tea, make a list of the concepts you're trying to get across then work at distilling them. It will come to you.
  7. Maury,great idea and thats what I'm going to do. Have a nice cup of tea and take a nap !!!
  8. "I kidd you not, I'm good at this!"

    (sorry, my name's been poked fun of for decades.)
  9. "Miracle Photo Studio: If it's a good picture it''s a miracle!"
  10. "Images For The Ages"/ "Imaging For The Ages"

    "Tomorrow's Keepsakes, Today"


    "I Work Cheap"
  11. Have camera, will travel. Photos are forever. The Shootist.When you care enough, call Kidd. The image maker. The prince of prints. Simply the best, I Kidd you not. I am a camera.We focus on YOU! Don't be shy, come on by. I can picture you now. A good image is everything.
  12. "Moment in Time"
    "Future Memories"

  13. As you can see from the slogans above - you might as well be handing out a slice of cheese. Come on' - slogans add about as much class to your image as a pair of polyester trousers.

    You should be selling yourself on the quality/originality and professionalism of your images not on some lame slogan.
  14. Thanks all!!! You have really been a lot of help! I decided to go home and have that cup of tea! It came to me while reading the leaves : )
    "Capturing memories to save for a lifetime"
    Its so cheesy I know, but where I am people go for that stuff!
    Thanks again for all your help and suggestions!!

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