I need professional photo book done

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by laurita_karam, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Hi, I would like to know a good place to print customized Photobooks. It 's
    for Maternity Pictures and I'm looking for a fine and sophisticated book, like
    a wedding album. I'm located in New York City. In another forum someone
    suggested GRAPHI STUDIO, it looks great but they are located in London! Any
    help? Thanks!
  2. if you use a mac you can do it with apple. you design it from your home, send the info from
    your computer and then receive it in a very nice box.
  3. www.blurb.com
  4. Much higher end (and far more expensive ) then blurb or Apple or similar print on demand custom publishers --most of whom which I classify as good -- with blurb being the best of the lot -- is Asuka, http://www.asukabook.com/
  5. For fine and sophisticated, and/or to promote a service or sell, you definitely want to go with asukabook.com. It's more expensive and more work.

    For inexpensive, straightforward, easy to use, quick and dirty personal use albums, I use mypublisher.com -- great value.
  6. Check out Blurb.com. I saw one of there finished products and i was impressed.
  7. Thank you for all the answers. I'm not a professional photographer yet, I'm a serious amateur
    and my dilemma is that I want to create a Vertical 8X11 photo book that most non-
    professional places ( lulu, blur or my publisher) don't make. I also want very good quality
    prints and a sophisticated look, but again I'm not a professional and places like asuka books
    or renaissance don't accept orders unless I'm a professional, right? WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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