I need professional photo book done - Help!

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by laurita_karam, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Hi, I would like to know a good place to print customized Photobooks. It 's
    for Maternity Pictures and I'm looking for a fine and sophisticated book, like
    a wedding album. I'm located in New York City. In another forum someone
    suggested GRAPHI STUDIO, it looks great but they are located in London! Any
    help? Thanks!
  2. Graphistudio is actually an Italian company that does business worldwide. Like most high-end album manufacturers, they only do albums for professional photographers and album designers.

    Customers can just submit the page designs online directly to Graphi.
    They also have reps here in the US. You will have to design your spreads to their dimensions and resolution specs available on their client website.

    If you're not prepared to deal directly with the album company (Graphistudio or whoever), we can help you get the album you want. We do custom design as well as print and bind using top album companies...for photographers or directly for brides and/or families.

    You'll need to own the images or have a release to use them in an album.
  3. You can try Renaissance ablum, I think they make great albums and they are located at port chester ny. Not too far from the city. www.renaissancealbums.com
  4. Renaissance does offer a great variety of albums, no doubt.
    But with online labs, internet order entry and world-wide delivery in days, distance is really not a factor in choosing an album source. I say that only in that to limit yourself to merchants in your locality would...limit you. As Thomas Friedman says..."The world is flat".
  5. I do album layout and design. I have been designing for 13 years. With your images I will
    design in pdf format for review and after approved I will send hi res print images to you and
    your printer. There are some reasonable printer and binders out there if you have the design
  6. bdp


    Graphi is in Florence, Italy, but that makes no difference, I'm in NY (Albany)and use Graphi all the time.

    Laurita, if you drop me an email, maybe I can help you with what you're looking for.

  7. Laurita - Graphi has an office in the US and I use them. Contact me if you want their contact info.

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