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Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by Rick Helmke, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Evening everyone,

    I need a lens. I've always been a Nikon shooter but last year a Minolta showed up here and I need a lens for it. It is a Maxxum XT SI and it has a 28-80 zoom that evidently was sold has a kit. It's a nice camera and hasn't been used much. I put new batteries in it and have made it through half a roll of film. I like it enough that I would like to get something like an 80-200 zoom for it. Then I'd feel like I can put it in a small grab bag and keep it handy if I'm not in the mood to carry around more. I'd like to get some use from it as it is in such good shape. Anyone got something along these lines at a reasonable cost? Thanks.

    Rick H.
  2. Keh Camera has a couple of used Minolta Maxxum 80-200 f4.5~ 5.6 lenses for your camera. They are bargain grade and are priced at $11 and $14 for the one that comes with the lens caps. It will probably cost more than that to ship them.

    Just search 'keh camera', they do a large mail order business on used stuff.
  3. I like KEH, just bought something from them a couple of weeks ago. I know very little about Minolta, especially from this era so I didn't look there. I will check it though, just don't want to order the wrong thing. For $14 I can't go wrong. Shipping should be minimal, I'm so close that FedEx ground delivers in a day.

    Rick H.

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