I love my D1X and I hate it when people trash this camera

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  1. I have to say, I do not understand some people, they think because a camera is not the newest and greatest model that all order models are of no use and they like to trash them. I was on another site www.nikond1.net and there was this person trashing the D1x saying how obsolete it was and not good for anything except family snap shots. That the Camera could not make a 20 x 30 print because it was older technolgey and the best it could produce is 8x10 prints. He then went on to write in the post how his Nikon D40 was so much superior... I had to correct him on a number of things... The D1x is a professional body and can use all Nikon Glass in every function including AF and metering... The D40 can not...The D40 can only meter and AF with AFS lenses with the motor. The D1x is sealed against dust and moisture... The d40 is not...The D1x has the a 6 mega pixel sensor that canout put 12 bit Raw the d40 sensor is 6 mega pixel but can not out put 12 bit raw only 8 bit... The burst rate are about the same for the two cameras.. My D1X has the buffer upgrade so it is slightly better... My D1x has made many a 20 x 30 print and more than its fair share of 16x 40 prints with outstanding results.. What was this guy thinking... I was strayed away from the D1X for about 4 months and replaced it with a Nikon D70, then on a wedding shoot it rained and the D70 gave up the ghost, so I switched back to the D1X and have not switched since.
    I have shot more than 100+ wedding and had numerous images published with the D1X and never a complaint and the camera never let me down...
    So my question to the board is this, do you agree with this guy or not
  2. Why bother with this stuff? Obviously your camera is meeting your needs. You're a pro and this other guy isn't, and he's not going to understand what your needs are, so what does it matter to you if he insults your camera?
    I have the sneaking suspicion he's been reading too much Ken Rockwell. Ken can be helpful for many things but people who spend too much time reading his site develop very strange feelings about the D40.
  3. Todd
    who cares! it's a camera not a football team , why would you give a tinker's cuss what people say about a camera you own.
  4. I too love my D1x. It's always in my bag no matter what. Its nice too that they're getting a little more disposable price wise. If something happens to a D2x you're out a minimum of $1200, where as if I were to damage my D1x I could replace it for less than $500 (both prices from KEH.com). It's not the newest or the greatest but it is a lot of fun to use, and is capable of taking great pictures. And with it's weight, if someone has something bad to say about it, you can always throw it at them.
  5. I recently picked up a buffer upgraded mint D1x with all the boxes (like 3 or 4 boxes nested) for 380.00usd
    Thing counldn't have more than a thousand clicks.
    I love it and the synch speed. You should've reminded him you can sync up over 1/1600-2000 depending and I'm not talking some neutered HS synch mode.
    Only downside is batteries and there are several ways around that.
  6. Who cares what some blowhard on a forum says... including me?
    Use your camera, enjoy it. Don't get caught up in the B.S. Since I've been a push processing fool with b&w film for many years, most of my photos are grainy and contrasty with poor resolution. Why should I care if my D2H at ISO 6400 looks like Delta 3200? That's pretty much what I'm after anyway.
  7. You shouldn't let things like that bother you! I am sure not even people at Nikon care so why should you (we).
  8. I've learned to steer clear of "D300 vs. D2x" threads. I fully understand why a D300 wins out, but it hurts to hear people that probably have never used a D2x trash it as obsolete and useless. A couple of times I pointed out that the D2x was the DSLR that was finally good enough to draw top nature photographers over to digital, but it fell on deaf ears.
  9. The D1x is not a bad camera, but is no longer competitive. My D1x was effectively retired once I started using a D2h, which proved to be sharper and have much better color. It was completely retired when I purchased a D2x. The clincher is battery life - 200 shots for the D1x compared to 400+ for the D2 cameras.
  10. I do not understand what all the fuss is about battery life My D1x can shoot 5-600 images before needing a battery change. The board is write I should not worry about such things and just keep shooting the way I have been. It seems to work for me as i am getting more business than I can handle and I have had no complaints about my images.
  11. Todd,
    I'm sorry to hear you had to go through this. I remember on DPReview.com when the D700 was announced. This woman went in & blasted all the D300 owners laughing saying " now how do you feel with your obsolete D300 cameras" - she was not the only one - but as a woman - - she's the one I remember. I guess she must have been shooting with a D200 & felt bad when she could not get a D300.
    Something like that.....
    Either way.... All that ultimately matters is that you like what your camera produces. It's obviously still working & you paid a lot for it. You're obviously happy with it. That's what counts. Forget these other people. Most probably you're wasting your time trying to explain why the build of the D1x is superior to the D40. You're probably wasting your time trying to explain what the D1x has over the D40 in most regards.
    Enjoy your camera & forget about that person. As for print size. I have yet to print anything larger than an 8x10 out of either of my cameras - - ever. It will change when I print a few I've taken this summer, but I don't normally print anything larger than an 8x10.
    Lil :)
  12. I do not understand some people, they think because a camera is not the newest and greatest model that all order models are of no use and they like to trash them. I was on another site www.nikond1.net and there was this person trashing the D1x saying how obsolete it was and not good for anything except family snap shots.​
    Probably the same people who were pointing out how great it was when it was new and how much better it was than anything which came before it.
    Just ignore them. most of my cameras are older than me and still do now, exactly what they did when new.
  13. When a newer camera comes out with higher ISO and more resolution, it does not diminish what the previous models were designed to do. When you stay within the limits of your camera (whatever you are using), the results will be as good as you are.
    I bought a D1x a little while ago, and I haven't picked up my D200 since. The D1x produces wonderful skin tones and color saturation, and I love the way it handles. I get a kick out of the 'latest and greatest' crowd, and just shake my head when I hear them. I just tell them, "That's nice."
  14. I use a Pentax K1000. Welcome to the club.
    Every so often, when I come out of a short bout of negative thinking, I like to ask myself: are you proceeding with confidence? Proceed with confidence. If you focus on the good things you can do, you will be in a much better position to build up. When we get suckered into negative thinking for more than 15 minutes, we can lose sight of what can be accomplished. So vent a little, then rally and focus on what you can get done.
    Complaints come from weakness. Building and fixing comes from strength. Get out of the complaining trap and get on with building. Confidence is a form of strength and courage. It doesn't support excessive complaining.
    I'd suggest that in those times when we get ticked off; those frustrations can trick us into dwelling on what's wrong. That's good for identifying a problem or getting some bad feelings behind you; but, its usefulness ends there. If you are complaining, or listening to someone else complain, ask yourself: what can the complainer do to rectify the situation? Having someone else fix it for the complainer doesn't count. What can the complainer do to fix it?
    If the complainer can't begin to think up an answer to counteract 15 minutes of complaining, under his own power, the situation may be unresolvable. There should be at least a brief outline or sketch or something.
    I mention this because it's the only effective method I've observed that can break a stream of complaints. Listen for 15 minutes, and then make the complainers propose what they will do about the situation that's bad. Acceptable answers have to be what the complainer can do about it under their own power.
    Since I started doing this, I have enjoyed a fifteen minute limit on listening to complaining. Sometimes I wish I would notice when my own 15 minute complaint time would start and end. That's just human nature, I guess.
    It can be hard to do this if you are the one complaining about your own situation, but I find it can work. I suspect that person complaining to you won't do anything about the cameras he criticized. It's not like he is going to get you a new one or anything, so that he doesn't have to live in a world with one too many camera models in use that he doesn't like. Blow that off; and, drive on with the good stuff you are doing.
    If Complainer Dude can't cough up a solution after a good 15 minute rant (I enjoy those twice daily); then, he probably can't come up with anything to fix it under his power. Disregard him and drive on. No one's going to perish because they have the wrong label on the camera. Your pictures are good enough. He's not going to do anything to build it better. No one has a shortage of complaints in this world; he's just adding to the surplus.
    Proceed with confidence instead of listening to that detractor.
  15. Complaints will only support or build if you cut them off and turn them around into a plan of action. Otherwise, they will go on and on and on without end. Ignore excessive complaints and focus on do-able plans and actions.
    Like, make more pictures with your favorite camera.
  16. Really, there is one simple answer to this and all threads like it:
    don't show me your camera, show me your results
  17. Just remember, everybody shoots with a used camera. Everybody drives a used car. And no one owns their home, only the right to pay taxes on it. In fact, the best time to buy cameras is after the next two models have been put on the shelves, about three years with the breakneck pace of product development.
  18. Proof is in the prints mate, not equipment :)
  19. Are you happy with the results from your D1x? Do they aid and abet your vision? Does it dance in your hands? In Todd's case, the answers to all these questions is a resounding yes, and his also brings home the bacon.
    Ps. I love mine.
  20. I remember on DPReview.com when the D700 was announced. This woman went in & blasted all the D300 owners laughing saying " now how do you feel with your obsolete D300 cameras"​
    Why pay attention to crap like this? Or indeed, anything of a non-technical nature you find on DPReview? It's for gear nuts and pixel inspectors.
  21. I still use my 1Ds MARK I for commercial use. I've been asked about getting a Mark III, and refuse as the mark I is working flawlessly and giving me the images I need, (large photosites across a full frame sensor, beutiful portraits and higher diffraction limits, accurate autofocus). Besides, it's cheaper for me to pan and stitch if needed, and I don't need the burden of 3x file sizes for each and every image, etc. etc. "It's not broke don't fix it." There's nothing wrong with that kind of thinking. Keep your D1x until it dies or your needs justify an upgrade.
  22. If you do this weddings and publication photography for payment, you'll probably upgrade only when you can't be competitive any longer. (If you've got a market with no competition, you're golden.)
  23. Todd,

    I do not understand what all the fuss is about battery life My D1x can shoot 5-600 images before needing a battery change.
    You certainly don't build credibility with this statement. The D1x is what it is. If it's good enough for you, leave well enough alone.
  24. im with the other guy, the D1X was bad!
    just so you get another point of view..and the other guy doestn feel alone in the dark ; )
  25. Don't be upset, Imagine the feeling of the Pontiac Aztek owner (really sorry if you also actually own this car ;).
  26. Todd -
    Glad I deleted the 2nd part of my answer to your post regarding film vs. D1x in the wedding forum... ;-)
    No doubt that the D1x is a nice body. The problem / challenge that I see with digitial in general is that when we need / desire / crave new features we have to go out and buy a new body whereas in the world of film for the most part we just bought a different flavor of film. ISO was a function of the body as much as it was processing and film. Color rendition was film not body based.
    Don't get me wrong - there were plenty of reasons to upgrade bodies for film too - AF, Motor drives, etc... but in general the body had a lot less (IMHO) to do with the result than the film and photographer and development / post processing.
    As for the features - I compare it to automobiles - in the past - such things as: A/C; Automatic Transmission; Radio; CD player; Power this / that; Etc... were all found only in high end models at one point... Now they are pretty much table stakes for most cars in the US. Does that mean that a $14,000 Kia Sportage drives like a Lexus? No... but if I want those features I have a choice.
  27. I have said this before, just because something new comes out that does not mean the older model stops functioning. I own a D3, but I still use my D2x also. All that matters is does the camera meet your needs.
  28. I love tech junkies. Just when I think that I'm loosing my mind with they remind me that I am still relatively sane.
  29. I do not understand what all the fuss is about battery life My D1x can shoot 5-600 images before needing a battery change.​
    This does raise some eyebrows. My father owns a D1X too and loves it. But he'll readily admit the battery life is the worst part of the D1x. I've watched him carry a small army of batteries with him, only to see him fussing and changing them with frequency. We've tried a number of things, quick charging, cycling, full charging, buying new batteries, etc. But no matter what we do we can't get them to hold a charge. He's not a professional photographer, so it may be an issue of discharge when they're not in use. But a battery shouldn't lose that much charge within 3 days! Any suggestions or tricks to try?

    That said, I agree with what everyone else has posted. If it works for you, then don't listen to the trolls out there. For some people photography is about photography, sadly for others it's about the equipment.
  30. Don't worry about it, you use what gear you want.
    As for the 8x10", I was never quite satisfied with the 8x10" prints from my D70, the pixels show. My D300 is quite satisfactory in this regard and I consider it's quality good enough that I don't need to lug with me my medium format gear all the time. Naturally not everyone is as picky, but there is a difference.
  31. The problem with the battery in the D1 series of camera (D1/D1h/D1x) is more firm ware than anything else. The DiH and D1X both offer a firm ware upgrade that greatlt emproves battery life. Before I had the Firm ware update my D1X and D1H would not give good battery performance. After the upgrade I can consistantly get 600+ shots on one fully charged battery. Now I never use the screen in the back so maybe that has something to do with it. Also I use the 2700 mah aftermarket batteries not the 2100 mah Nikon versions. I also refresh my batteries completely after every 2 uses... This seems to work for me quite well...
  32. The DiH and D1X both offer a firm ware upgrade that greatlt emproves battery life.
    This is utter hogwash. I have the latest firmware, which made no difference in real battery life. It did attempt to "correct" an error in the battery indicator, which would allow another 40 exposures or so once it said "empty". Well, the correction was that the camera would cut off when the indicator read empty - gone are the extra shots.
  33. You'd think your camera were your first born male child. Near the top of my list of all-time lame posts.
  34. Great another critic...
  35. I use D300 and D200 both wonderful cameras. They both meet my needs and do what I need them to do hey I could go get D700 or D3 and then pay'em off for 50 years ;-) but why just because D200 has CCD and not CMOS it doesn't mean that it's not going to produce great images.
    I know people what buy the latest and greatest just to have it and brag about it. I might be a little behind evolution (in electronics) I do not own I Pod I have a generic brand MP3 I dont own touch screen phone I dont need those when I do I will go get one just not yet.
    As long as D1x works for you it makes it a good camera there are people out there using D100 and they are happy with them.
    like Lil said that lady probably couldn't get D300 and was pissed at whoever has one. I know I will keep my D300 untill it dies or I cannot get it to do what I need it for.
  36. If you only want a favorable reaction...you might try addressing your posts only to your mother.
  37. Thanks Todd. It's reading things like this ever few months that keeps me in check when I constantly hear all the amazing things about the newer cameras and get itching to make unnecessary upgrades.
    If you, as a wedding professional can happily use your D1x and not feel limited then certainly I as a casual amateur should be quite happy with a D200.
    cheers all!
  38. Peter
    Just remember it is not the camera but the person behind the camera that makes a great photo...
  39. I know I know. I always have to remind myself it seems!
    I was messing around with a D700 in a store about a month ago just to prove that point. The pictures looked just like all the other pictures I've ever taken haha.
    there was no magic :(
  40. it


    Why do you care about what some gearheads think about your camera?
    Just shoot!
  41. Nikon D1x - Nikkor 18-70 DX at 18mm - End of discussion - nothing is wrong with that camera.
  42. I like the discussion and am new to the group. I have a Nikon D1X and D1H for fun and love them especially the D1H cause it is so responsive. However, my D1H now has problem with battery indicator and am searching for replacement.
    I have converted my D1X/D1H battery to Lithium ion battery and it is cheap and better. I hated when I took picture in the winter and the original battery froze. The current Li ion batteries help me a lot.
    You can also find Jonathan McKnight’s original conversion online somewhere (He is in NikonD1.net).
    You have to open up your old dead battery by using sharp knive/cutter along the glued line carefully and pry the top and bottom part gently not to break the battery cover.
    I bought the kit from one of the battery supplier such as below. It has the 7.2 V adaptor, a 7.2 V battery which are 2 serially connected 3.7V 2000mAH 18650 Li Ions, and connection cables/wires.
    Li-Ion 18650 Battery: 7.4V 2000mAh (14.8 Wh) Li-Ion battery pack with PCB + 1.5A Smart charger
    You can also build up by buying separately PCB for the 7.2V serially connected batteries such as the link below and buy the cheap Panasonic 3.7V battery with tabs. The tabs has a hole which you can insert wire to connect battery. I did connect by inserting the end of wire to the hole and just twisted as I am afraid to solder directly to the tab. Sometimes you can get the battery for $5 if they have on sale.
    My current battery uses the PCB depicted in the link below.
    PCB for 7.2V Li-ion 18650 / 18500 7.2V battery packs
    3.7 Volt 1800 mAh Panasonic Li-Ion CGR18650HG Battery w/ Tabs
    I have tried the simple one by buying two protected 3.7V 18650 Li ion battery (Li ion with 3.7V PCB) and did not work when connected serially. I think the PCB limits the current. So I tried the non protected battery w/ tabs above and connected to the 7.2V PCB and they work well. I will try to attach some photos of my current batteries.
    Currently, I bought several 7.2C PCB that battery junction sells now and they looked different from the picture in the link above and I am trying to figure out.
    *Disclaimer: You can try this conversion on your own risk. I am not connected to any vendors in the above links. I have no intention of advertising them just to share how I build my battery.
  43. Hey Todd,
    You got some response! I'm with you all the way. I have a D1h and a D70, and I have printed 13 x 19 prints of same subject from both cameras using same settings. neither image fell apart and the D1h shot was actually noticeably sharper (albeit, not by much). The D1h does fall apart after any significant cropping but thats to be expected. And the batteries are bit of an issue. But the point is, I bought the D70 because I got caught up in the "newer is better" game. It wasn't. I posted a similar question about 2-3 years ago and everyone's response was opposite of what you got here. Everyone thought it was impossible to take quality images with an older camera. It was a couple of years ago so I think everyone was more caught up in the novelty of digital especially since, back then, the D70 was Nikon's first affordable "prosumer" digital camera. Now I think the dust has settled and a lot more people realize that they don't have to go out and buy the latest and the greatest every 2 years - unless your camera drops dead. By the way, Bruce states there are "ways around the battery issue." What ways?
  44. Eric,
    The battery is a non issue to me as I buy aftermarket 2700mah from ebay for around $25.00 shipped and they will go 600+ shots before they give out. Goto ebay and search for Nikon D1 battery then look for the 2700 mah batteries buy a couple and you will be glad you did trust me.
  45. I have a D1X with an interesting pedigree - it was used for a while to shoot for two major newspapers here in Australia (not by me though!). I have to figure a way to dispose of the tired batteries the thing came with, though.

    The great thing about the D1X is that you can use non-converted lenses. I have a 55mm micro which I can't use on the D200. The camera won't meter with this old lens but that's fine by me.

    The D1X's only flaws: hot spots on long exposures and not so great high ISO quality. Well, for the price and ruggedness that's okay. Maybe not the camera I'd use for stock images.

    Muhammad, thanks for the info about batteries. Very interesting. I do have 3rd party 2100mAh NiMH Powermart batteries for my camera, however, and so far no problems. Should have got the 2700s! D'oh!

    Todd, I don't know why people must be so negative. It does stem from ignorance, to be sure. Folks need to tone it down a little. Nothing wrong with this thread, BTW!
  46. I have a D1X and three batteries. I get around a hundred shots from each. That's with the playback screen turned off (and minimal brightness when i activate it to check the histogram), AF lenses, raw format captures. The D1X is a 10.3 megapixel camera. It usually is described as a 6 megapixel but it's ten. Open its NEFs in FastStone Image Viewer to see this is the case.

    I use my D1X much the same way I shot 135 film in the past. 100-400 sensitivity, often with a tripod and/or a flash. When i need to replace it, i'll probably get a D2 (or a D3, as, by then, the D3 will be 'old technology' too).


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