I just got an M9 a few hours ago!

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by alex_es, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Today Sawako and I went up to Osaka and bought a black M9 for me. Here are my immediate impressions.
    Wow! Full frame!
    The controls are easy to figure out. It took me a few minutes to get the basics. It's a lot like my M8 but actually easier to operate.
    I like the wide choice of ISO settings. Right now I have it on ISO 800. (It's evening here.)
    It is quieter than the M8. Not news.
    I don't miss the 1/8000 sec. shutter speed. Not yet.
    I have only tried a few lenses with it and fiddled with the lens detection function. I do not know if it is really useful yet.
    If anyone has any tips, I'll appreciate them.
    Here is a shot of my baby in classic black and white.
  2. That's a beauty, Alex. No tips but best wishes for good light and good luck.
  3. Good on you. Where's the cat?
  4. Congratulations. Very cool. May it give you as much pleasure as my M8.2 gives me.
  5. I hope you enjoy it Alex, it is a huge improvement over the M8, at least in my eyes. I suggest you download the latest firmware as well, as it solves most of the problem with the red edges that showed up on wide angle lenses (28 and wider mostly...). I am sure you will love shooting on full frame again...
  6. Congratulations Alex! Enjoy and show us some of tour great pics!

  7. Thanks everyone !!!
  8. Great. Enjoy. I will have to stay with my M8 and its cropped lens fields for a while. Berg, the Kusters photos are quite interesting, and some of which recall Ralph Gibson's possible influence
  9. I expect a spurt of new work now, though whether its quality will be even better is an open question.
  10. A beautiful camera to behold, and the perfect lens too!
  11. bms


    congrats, happy shooting.
  12. Thanks for sharing this, Alex.
    Enjoy the camera and be sure to insure it!
  13. Sweet, enjoy!
  14. That's nice. Personally, I don't see myself EVER buying a digital 35mm Leica. A digital 35mm Voigtlander Bessa in 10 years, maybe.
  15. Very, very jealous. Congrats!
  16. Very jealous! Congratulations... BTW, it shoots color too!<g>.
  17. Hey guys !!! Thanks !!!
  18. Alex, that is wonderful. Congratulations...it is a wonderful camera. I hope you get better results than one can get with M8 !! (joking). I bet Leica will announce a new model any day now....best wishes - Afzal
  19. Afazal, thanks. We are now mutual contacts on Flickr!
  20. Enjoy, Alex. You deserve the best!
  21. Thanks, Paul!!
  22. Nice! Hope to see your impressions and photos from working with the M9.
  23. Yes, Alex, thank you. I have always enjoyed reading your sensible, polite, meaningful, conctructive, diplomatic, positive comments here - and I go back to good old days when Al Kaplan used to be with us. Times have changed and so have people and photographic gear. I would love to own M9 but sitting on the fence for time being until another version of Leica M9 comes out under disguise. Have loads of fun with your M9 and enjoy it, life is too short my friend. Best wishes - Afzal
  24. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    That is great, Alex. I am envious. Can't wait to see some of the pics.
  25. Thanks Ricky ad Tony !! And thanks so much again Afzal ! !
    Wow, I never expected this outpouring of kindness and expressions of friendship when I posted this. I'd better produce something worthy with that M9.
  26. You lucky beggar!
  27. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    I want one of these so bad. But that price. Wow. I've said this before, but when my dad first got me into Lecia, he told me that he really wasn't doing me any favors. LOL.

    Speaking of 1/8000th, I am really liking that on my M8. It's a great ingredient for wide aperture, low ISO, shallow DOF during the long days of Alaskan summers. I'm afraid that would be one feature that I'd miss, at least a little bit.
  28. I'm certainly envious of Alex and all other fortunate M9 owners as well, but will have to live with my M8 and smaller enlargements a while longer. Once Leica catches up with the demand, maybe we will see an M9.2 or something else that will further up the desire to change. Alex, is the sound of the M9 shutter quieter than the M8.2 (it certainly must be quieter than the M8)? Tony, don't exclude the good old neutral density filter for wide aperture shallow DOF shots at 160 ISO.
  29. Thanks Robin, so far I am lucky. Let you know in six months if I am still lucky :)
    That 1/8000 of a second is something I appreciate on my old and somewhat noisy M8. I'll see whether I miss it on the M9.
    One thing I can say in favor of the M8 over the M9 (while I am still learning the M9) its color rendition under artificial light. If you have an M8 you are still lucky. If you use film and have a great dedicated scanner you are very lucky as well.
    My film cameras will always be with me.
  30. Alex, I am glad to hear that you are not dumping away your film cameras. Film will always have its charm for those who were brought up on it. Loading and rewinding film had its own charm too - then the wait to see the results- wow, how exciting !!. I will NEVER part with my M2, M3 and M6.
  31. I am with you, Afzal !
  32. Congratulations, Alex. The M9 is just like having an M7 you never have to advance or reload. In fact, I haven't used film since the M8 (more than four years).

    The biggest issue, at least for me, has been cleaning sensor dust.
  33. Bill, try the Arctic Butterfly and the associated products. I have had no problem with my M8 sensor with that stuff and careful rubber bulb blowing of the lens bases and chamber when changing lenses. These guys from Calgary work in the field of clean room technology.
    I believe the M9 will sell very well in future, as the newly announced M9-P has made such limited incremental change and the question of the (admittedly not film Leica but reasonably quiet) shutter noise has not been addressed by it.
  34. Thanks,Bill !
    Arthur, thanks for passing on the information about Arctic Butterfly.
  35. Alex Shishin [​IMG][​IMG], Jun 23, 2011; 07:32 p.m. ... Arthur, thanks for passing on the information about Arctic Butterfly.​
    Ditto, Art! I bought one of the Arctic Butterfly brushes and looking forward to trying it out.
  36. Glad to pass that info on, Alex and Bill. I chose their travel kit (the company name is VisibleDust) , which includes the Arctic butterfly brush and sensor swabs, sensor corner swabs and VDust Plus solution.

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