I have no respect for my stuff. :(

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by edward_h, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Today I worked with my 1d2 + 24-70 all day. I managed to fall while
    cycling (during work) but the camera was fine.

    What happens later, when I'm at home, if I don't put the camera on the
    table only to have it slide off onto the floor.

    The 24-70 was torn off the camera. The metal ring was damaged, the
    screws were torn out with pieces of plastic in the threads... The
    camera itself seems fine.

    So tomorrow I'll have to go get the 24-70 repaired. And what terrible
    timing: I've got more photo work tomorrow at 10:00.

    I _really_ have to learn to respect my photo stuff the way I respect
  2. Last summer, my camera strap broke while I was reaching for a liquid refreshment before a shoot. The 1DMkII seemed fine but Canon charged me 300 to tell me that it was OK! It only cost $100 to have my 24-70 put back together. (It fell apart the same way yours did and all the kings men,,,)

    30,000 images later, all is good!
  3. C'mon, that "mint minus" ebay stuff has to come from somewhere ;-)
  4. My 10D was an insurance replacement for a Minolta SLR I ruined by driving through a lake
    with it under the driver's seat of my 4x4 (for safe keeping, obviously). It was deeper than

    The first outing for the 10D was to Stockholm, where I bent over to pick something up,
    and the camera fell out of the bag, because the bag catch hadn't clipped properly. It
    bounced across tarmac and the lens was torn off. Fortunately it was only a Tamron lens,
    which meant the lens took the brunt of the damage, not the camera.

    Infuriating, isn't it? Suffice to say I take very good care of everything now :)
  5. Now I know which will be my first DSLR. It will probably also be the last :)

    Happy shooting,
  6. You guys are obviously at the opposite end of the spectrum from those who obsess about microscopic scratches on the front of lenses, or possible front focus issues with DSLRs :)

    I had a bit of a tumble last autumn. When I picked myself up off the ground, the EOS 5 and 70-200/2.8 I had been carrying on the monopod were separated from each other. I was expecting to see the mount ripped off either lens or camera, but both were fine. I can only speculate that the lens release must have been pressed during the fall, allowing the lens to separate without doing any damage.

    It may be nice to preserve your gear in "mint" condition, but it usually precludes creating any interesting or innovative photographs. Keep the Leicas under glass. Use your EOS!
  7. I got sprayed with wet, melting snow last weekend, with my D.rebel and 28-70 2.8L.... Shooting the end of the ski season. Not happy, but managed to dry it off before any water crept in anywhere.

    Other than that, I manage to keep the camera stuff off the ground. Even when dropping 20 foot cliffs with my camera in the backpack.

    I've got a drawer lined with foam for all my camera stuff, none of this kitchen table mishaps for me! =P
  8. "The first outing for the 10D was to Stockholm..." <p> I'll be taking mine there next week...I'll try and be more careful!
  9. Remind me never to buy gear from you guys ;p
  10. > Remind me never to buy gear from you guys ;p

    Why? Because we actually use it instead of letting it collect dust in an exhibition cabinet?
  11. If I'm buying, I'd prefer you didn't use it. But I can't be too harsh. Fondling is allowed.


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