I have a D200, I need extra memory, considering the D200's limitations, do I just buy the cheapest card?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dan_k|6, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. I was reading through the boards here and someone said that the fastest write speed the D200 supports is only 80x. First off, is this true? And if it is, should I just buy the cheapest card available considering that? I currently use a 4GB Lexar 133x with WA. I see a similar one on eBay for $20, but I see an 8GB Lexar Platium II 200x on sale at B&H for just $5 more.
    For this camera, what would be the best option for more memory?
  2. Consider that CF cards are probably going to be the standard in the higher end cameras for some time to come, so if you upgrade the camera later, getting a better card will probably serve you in the future. Also, the speeds make a difference when downloading, which is not dependent on the camera.
  3. Dan,
    If you just want to consider the writing speed of your D200, then you do not need the faster cards, but the acces times of the cards also count when you want to transfer your shots to your Pc, if you think this is not important to you you can stick whit the slower cards ( these are not necesarely the cheap ones, you want them to be reliable too i guess...).
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    I wouldn't buy the cheapest CF card in the sense that I wouldn't get some no name brand or something counterfeit such that reliability can potentially be an issue. For the D200, there is no point to buy some fast and expensive card. Moreover, memory card prices have been dropping like crazy for over a decade. Back in 2004, I paid $200+ for a 1G Lexar card and it was a good deal then. So there is no point to buy something way over what you current need for the future.
    CF cards are supposed to be replaced by a new CF-Fast standard that is based on SATA, but we have been talking about that for a couple of years and I haven't seen any new DSLR adopting the new card type yset.
  5. To add to this, is the 8GB Lexar Platinum II 200x a good card? The 133x Lexar with WA takes forever to download via my PC's reader. I had to buy a Lexar reader and it solved the problem. I am happy with the download speed of the 133x with WA using the Lexar reader. Would the Lexar Platinum II 200x be a good choice?
  6. There are too many counterfeit memory cards in circulation. E-bay is one of the last places I would purchase memory cards. Buy from a reputable dealer like B&H, Adorama, or Amazon.

    Kingston would be another brand to look at.
  7. Dunno who said the D200 cannot use more than 80X speed; it can use at least 133X of a good card.
    For $5 difference, I'd get the Platinum II - you may upgrade the camera sooner or later and a faster card will be nice. It can also be more durable and reliable (higher quality chips).
    Also for the counterfeit cards... I believe that problem has been largely eradicated, but I'd still avoid eBay for memory cards. B&H is the way to go.
  8. CF/SD Performance Database:
  9. +1 for what Brooks said. Only buy cards from a legitimate dealer, and if buying from Amazon, be sure to buy from Amazon proper, and not an affiliate store. Just too many counterfeits out there.
  10. The D200 has an internal memory buffer that will hold 21 RAW frames at 5 fps (the full speed of the camera). Therefore, you are unlikely to be held up by the write speed of your CF card.
  11. Regardless of speed, make sure you buy a card that you trust to hold your photos. Worth to spend a bit more to get a good piece of storage.
  12. Thanks guys. Thanks Les. I ended up buying the Lexar Platinum II but I bought the 4GB.

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