I had a problem signing up!

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by noph0t0, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Hi,

    I am new to photo.net, and while signing up I made mistake while typing my email address. I never received the activation email. So I had I signed up again with the correct email this time, but the username that I truly wanted to use (because I am using the same username throughout other site and sns platforms) was now taken. Is there something that can be done so that I can get my original username activated?

    Thank you and very sorry for the trouble,

  2. What’s the username you want?
  3. thank you for your message.
    the username that i wanted which i registered but can’t use due the my mistake in my email, is “noph0t0s”

  4. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    I expect the moderators can sort it out - perhaps a PM to Sandy ?
  5. Thank you very much.
    I’m not sure i know how access Sandy in this site!?

  6. I think you are in luck. I searched for a member called noph0t0s and couldn’t find one so maybe your initial registration failed.
    It’s quite straightforward to change your username from noph0t0 to noph0t0s

    (click on your username in the top right hand corner and then click on Signature. You should be able to navigate to Change Username from there).
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  7. Hi,

    tried changing it, it did say username already taken...
  8. Ah, I suspect Sandy will have to delete the noph0t0s account - if he can find it.
  9. How do I contact Sandy? Thank you
  10. He’ll probably be along sometime soon but in the meantime look for Sandy in this thread

    :>> Delete account please

    Click on Sandy’s name and send a message
  11. Done, I sent hm a private message.

    I am very grateful for your kind help. I hope it will work out.

  12. You’re welcome. Good luck!
  13. BTW, I prefer noph0t0 to noph0t0s :)
  14. thank you for that.
  15. ill have a think about. thanks

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