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  1. I like to approach just about everything with a sense of humor. I am 50 years young and have been a serious amateur photographer for around 20 years. My favored angle is to make small insignificant things, large, curious and beautiful. I have a fascination with close-up photography. I've dabbled with film of many sorts, digital and am also a bit of a camera collector. I suppose I could be badged as a compulsive tinkerer, as I love to take things apart just to see how they work.

    I am/was a certified optician for quite a few years. I have made thousands of people smile while improving their eyesight. I've done some refracting, probed onto people's eyes fitting contact lenses and was an honest to a fault, salesperson. The problematic child was the most fun of all. I suppose that I just love playing with light, lenses and perception.

    My moment of fame: In 2006, I had catastrophic coronary problems and served as a source of study for an external heart machine. What was once considered an experiment is now fairly commonplace. On my more difficult days, I realize that I have some limitations, so I get a sense of joy by helping others and enjoy life to it's fullest.
  2. Forgive me for asking, but does this mean you have an external heart machine of some sort? Like a ventrical assist? Or was it only used during surgery? I find this stuff fascinating.
  3. I had what was called a bi-vad implant. The Dr's said I needed a transplant, but there wasn't one available. Instead of pulling the plug, they let the thing in me and gave ma a ton of (unknown to me) I.V. "super stuff" drugs to see what would happen. I had a parade of medical students with score cards as my morning routine.
    I bounced back without getting a new heart, and the device was removed. Two open heart surgeries in less than two months, a pacer/defib a few months later. No one could ever explain the how or why.
    I just get the puzzled look, a smile, and they say: "Don't ask.....Enjoy it."
    You know what?
    I do ;->
  4. To your continued good health!

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