I don't want my Mom's Album

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  1. It seems that many young brides are saying that they don’t want an
    album that looks like their mothers. They say that they don’t want
    those same stuffy posed pictures. Instead they want that hip
    new “Photojournalistic Approach”. Or so I hear. Have any
    photographers looked at their mother’s albums? I have. The pictures
    are usually faded, and the poses seem to be a little less
    natural/uninteresting than most modern poses. And of course the
    clothes and hairstyles look ridicules (the same way that today’s hair
    styles and clothes will look ridicules in 20 + years). In reality
    the modern posed album bares little resemblance to the posed album of
    20 years ago. Here in Texas many (not all) brides still prefer the
    posed album with a scattering of candids. Some (not many) are
    totally uninterested in candids altogether. Candids can be excellent
    for capturing the emotion and flavor of the event and they often make
    beautiful exhibition photos (great for getting brides through the
    door). But the posed shots still seem to be the “meat and potatoes”
    and the candids seem to be the “icing on the cake”. Has anyone else
    noticed this? I realize that many photographers have built their
    business around their candid technique and that they attract brides
    who want that look, but is it safe to say that a majority or at least
    significant number of brides prefer the posed shots (provided the
    photographer is skilled enough to get them done in an expedient
    manner) as well as some candids?
    Todd K.
  2. It appears to be the opposite here in Michigan Todd.

    If you type a Michigan zip code (like 48025) into www.ep-o.com/networklogin.asp you'll
    see most requests are for mixed or candid. When they say mixed, it's because they want
    some posed, but just a few. The client's that say they don't want any posed ...I try to talk
    them into it because their folks will want them.
  3. On Easter Sunday I'm photographing a wedding for a very good school teacher buddy of mine (a young lady who I'm sure was some sort of soul mate from a previous life in Nepal, or wherever).

    Anyway, she's a bit different. It's at Stern Grove in San Francisco, and, before anything happens, there's an Easter egg hunt for the kids at 11:30AM. Then there's a bar-B-Que lunch. Only after that is the wedding, and then drinks and dinner. She not into much formal stuff, but knows she has to do it for mom, etc. Everything else is "whatever happens!" It will be interesting, and a bit difficult. I'm going to bring out all my cannons (not Canons!). It's so much easier when we march like little soldiers and do everything according to the "list"!

    I'm going to do whatever I think might be interesting.

    To answer your question, all of my weddings are documentary with the obligatory formals and portraits added.
  4. It seems that most of the brides that approach me are looking for the photojournalistic style. Of course that's what I advertise so I usually don't get people telling me they want the formal look. Like most wedding photojournalists, I shoot my fair share of formals (a necessary evil :), but I really come alive when I'm simply documenting the event. I have a lot of fun when I shoot my weddings.

    I think when a bride says she doesn't want her mother's album, she's really saying she doesn't want an album full of formal pics and nothing more.

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