I don't know if there is film inside the chamber (Yashica 124G)

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  1. I left my camera (Yashica Mat 124G) unused for several months now I cannot tell

    The film counter is on 02. The asa setting is 400 and the film reminder is on B&W.

    There is many steps before making it to 02 frames, I don't think I did them without film inside. But I am not sure 100%

    What should I do now ?
  2. The camera should have a different feel when winding on with film in it. There'll be more 'drag' and a slight scraping noise from the film.

    Anyhow, it's only a roll of film. If the pictures are important, just wind it on past 12 and open the back.
  3. Find, and push, the lever under the taking lens that "arm's" the delay timer. It may have some red paint on it. This will also put tension on the shutter mechanism. You now can crank the film advance & "feel" the film traversing if the camera is loaded. Aloha, Bill
  4. With respect, Bill Bowes, that's possibly inviting trouble. The delay timer on the Mat is (one of) its weakest point. If that hangs, you're stuffed. I would not recommend that. Dzung_le, there are two options to check if there is film there, both will cost you a shot. First, set in B, wind on, aperture wide open. Fire. While the shutters open, you can see the grey of film if there is film there through the taking lens. If black, no film. Alternately, open it in a light safe bag - you will easily feel the film. The problem is that the shutter will re-set to '0'. I have a Mat 124 G, though haven't used it for years now. Thinking of selling it, but the rear element is starting to haze, and when I did use it, it was nearly as good, sharpness wise, as my retina IIIc. Sentimental connection. I think that the film counter won't wind on unless there's film there, so if it's set at 2, then I would guess that there's film in it. Yes, 'feeling' the film at wind on is a good strategy, but if you haven't used it for some time, well 'feeling' may not work for you, and any way, the Mat is a cantankerous, noisy, and rough wind-oner. You may not be able to detect anything at all, except exasperation. Let us know how you go. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
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  5. ^ Correct , the film counter doesn't advance without film in it ! (So yes you have film in it ). Peter
  6. The film counter wheel is spring loaded against the take-up spool in the 124g (and Rollei's), so if you have an empty spool loaded there, the counter increments. I always move the empty spool over to the take-up, even if I'm not reloading, so my counters always increment.

    Note the frame counter #. Open the camera in the dark, feel for film. If there is film, take it out and roll it back to the feed spool tightly. In light, reload the film, and set the start mark a cm further along. With the lens cap on, shutter and aperture minimised, (dark room if OCD), advance it past the last exposed frame.
  7. "Open the camera in the dark, feel for film..."

    - No domestic room is usually dark enough to do this without fogging the film. Not even at dead of night with the drapes drawn. You'd need a changing bag or proper photographic darkroom.

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