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  1. For all you good folks who are always complaining that I never post photos here on photo.net...James Mitchell just ran me through the procedure a few times, and I have this huge collection of vintage prints going back forty plus years. Tony Mafia, an internationally acclaimed artist, lived nearby in the late 1960's. He's now living in Brussels. This photo was shot in his home. His Danish wife Anna is in the background. I shot it with a Leica M4 and an 85mm f/2 Nikkor lens.
  2. congrats al!

    ain't technology wonderful?

    and nice shot.

  3. Hurray Al!
    Please give us more
  4. Nice one Al.

    Look forward to those Hendrix Pictures now....
  5. Al - Very good. This was flatbed scanned from a print? You probably have a software way to get rid of the dust specks w/out going over each one and cloning it out.

    Recall Trevor's helpful suggestion to type the step-by-step scanning instructions while they're fresh in mind (bold face type, I'd recommend), then laminate the instruction sheet(s) and keep a set near at hand.

    Either that or handcuff James to your computer, keep him well fed and hydrated, and don't report him missing till you have this technique down pat.

    Trevor's approach would be cheaper.
  6. Unbelievable! Al Kaplan comes through. Congrats Al. Now we will expect to see more pics similar to the above.
  7. Good first attempt. Congrats. Now learn sharpening and spotting for dust. Nice shot btw.
  8. Horray! We want more, Al.
  9. Great, it is about time. The scan looks good. Probably as good as about 75% of what is posted here. I want to see more. You can place the photos in folders on your PN page so everyone can see then.
  10. gib


    great portrait shot, Al.
  11. I like the portrait Al. Anna seems to be in a weird angle though; was that a shot into a mirror or something?
  12. Really nice shot AL. Look forward to many more.
  13. Great, Al! But I didn't know you were involved with the Mafia.
    Tony that is.
  14. Al

    Nice to see all those neck-borne Leicas are not just trophys, and that you know whereof you speak.

  15. Al,

    I hope you wrote down the steps. There will be no denying it tomorrow.

    Yeah, and I want to see Henrix too.
  16. Congradulations Al. The picture is worth more than the dust. I can live with the dust if you can. I like the verbage describing the shot instead of No Words.

    Mark J.
  17. m_.


    now, we are in business. go al...
  18. Nice job Al! We know there is more where that came from. Congratulations on taking this big step.
  19. Al, that's an excellent B&W photo. Thanks for sharing. I too am still catching up on technology. Hopefully I'll have my new computer in 2 weeks so that I can connect a bit better and connect my scanner. My old P100 only has 40 megs of ram. :-((
  20. Al,

    dont forget that now you are part of the digital set, you've got to start acting with attitude. Enjoy the new medium.

    Nice shot by the way..
  21. And what a shot it is - Very Nice :).


  22. Nice Bokeh too ;-)
  23. Proud of you Al. Why did yiu not write and ask how too?
  24. Great shot, perfect exposure.
  25. jtk


    It's better than 95% of what gets posted here.

    Is that guy's real name Tony Mafia? I hate to think what Anna's real name might be...
  26. Al, now that you know how to scan and post, please don't migrate over to the you-know-what forum. We like you around here!
  27. Bravo, Al. I knew you could.
  28. Worth the wait! (or did somebody already say that?)

    different Andy
  29. Al,

    Good show and congrats! Before long... you'll be posting like a pro! :)

    Matts... baby steps! Al's just learning to walk... give him time!

  30. Nice one Al. Heavens, that Nikkor has a bit of a glow to it!
  31. Eccelente! Editorial bokeh!
  32. At James' suggestion I took a #000 sable brush and put some random tiny spots of White-Out on the print to simulate dust spots. You don't really believe that I'd make a print with real dust spots, do you?

    Thanks for all the complments!
  33. More! More!
  34. Thanks Al, great image.
  35. Gee, I dunno Al. It doesn't have that Leica glow. Oh! Wait! It has that Nikkor glow!

    Never mind. ;-)
  36. Oh God, they'll be no stopping AK now!
  37. v.nice image
  38. And here is some of the work of the Artist Tony Mafia..... click here
  39. Thanks for posting the link, Trevor. If any of you are in the Miami area and want to see some original Tony Mafia paintings/drawings I have a few framed on the wall and somewhere, packed away, some other unframed drawings. Mafia was not his birth name. He adopted it because he liked the sound of it. He's part Native American.
  40. why did nt you focus on anna?
  41. Thanks, James - and congrats, Al! I've never doubted that you could back up your textual contributions with equally valid pictures. Keep them coming!
  42. that`s a good one. you better keep posting them al...!
  43. Well, it ain't workin' now ;-(
  44. maybe it was pre-deleted because it was a nude or a democrat.....
  45. Great portrait, Al. Your post is fresh inspiration for scannerless, technology-challenged
    members like me. Fie on those who criticize the spots! Now that you have started, please
    keep 'em coming.
  46. Al, naked democrats do not show up on posts. I thought we went over that. Write that one down and tape it to your monitor.
  47. Tony Mafia died in 99. He sure did create some great stuff.
  48. Bee, hearing that Tony Mafia died is sad news although it's been many years since we were last in touch. I look at his art work every day hanging in my living and dining rooms. I'm going to go back through my files and see what else I have to print up. I recently ran across a vintage print of his wife Anna and toddler son Soren. She's holding his hand and leading him off to the bath. A large Tony Mafia painting hangs on the wall behind them in the photo.

    Where did you read about Tony's passing?
  49. Hi Al; this is the link where it is mentioned http://home.scarlet.be/~lfagbart/mafia-curriculum-eng.htm
  50. I can attest to the fact that Al owns one of Tony's paintings that is bound to become priceless. He would not accept my offer of three rolls of Tri-X for it. Al, take a picture of that painting sometime and post it.
  51. Looking at the site Bee provided, I think that Tony would make for a damn good T-shirt.
  52. Someplace on the planet are some Tony Mafia sketches, ink drawings, perhaps an oil or two of Al Kaplan. One of these years I need to go through my accumulation of "art work by unknowns" from years back. I might be a millionaire after all! I just wish I'd saved all those Dunkin' Donuts napkins with doodles on them ;-)
  53. Al, You know you are a legend!
  54. I was a friend of Tony Mafia when he lived in Hollywood back in the 70's. His works are owned by numerous celebrities and even the Queen of England. He gave me two of his paintings and now I'm ready to sell them. I don't know where to go, so maybe I'll try ebay. Any suggestions? Call me (503) 585-1696. Sher
  55. Tony's real name although he very seldom used it was Robert Lee Alderson. Anna and Tony had two children, Soren and Reika. They divorced long before he died. At the end of his life he was married to a Belgo-American poetess Annmarie Sauer (my ex-wife).

    I think she might be interested in this and other photos of Tony.
    Anyone interested can reach her at 4th-plum@skynet.be
  56. I posted the Tony Mafia"s painting "Ted's August" on http://gijsgenealog.blogspot.com/2005_07_01_gijsgenealog_archive.html

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