I can't open a RAW file in PS:CS3 (MAC)

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by dan_bloch, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. I am trying to learn how to process a RAW file in Photoshop CS3 on my Macintosh, but I am stuck.
    Heres what I have done so far:
    -Installed a new camera RAW plugin I downloaded from the Adobe website, (I read somewhere I had to do this).
    -Imported my jpeg & RAW files from my Canon Rebel Xsi to iphoto. I then move them to an album in iphoto with my name.
    Now from here I am stuck. When I am in PS and try to open a file I can't find my pictures anywhere. I thought I could drag the RAW file from iphoto to my desktop, and then PS could find it, but when I try this my computer changes the RAW file to a jpg automatically.
    What am I doing wrong?
  2. I found where these RAW files are in my computer:
    home folder>pictures>iphoto library>originals>2010>jan 7 2010
    but the "iphoto library" is greyed out while trying to access it in photoshop.
  3. Adobe raw stays current with current models, so an older version, CS3, won't open any of the newer camera raw files. Check to see if it accommodates your camera--probably not
  4. I think that was why I needed to install that updated driver...
  5. it has nothing to do with any updating of drivers. as was said above, the diffferent adobe programs either pse or csx, can only open up to a certain model of camera in the raw image. for example, if you have a canon 7d and use your cs3, it will never open. the cs3 is simply not a current enough program from adobe. you need to check with adobe's website to find out what programs can open your canon rebel xsi raw files.
    noyte-it is not needed to buy the latest csx, instead you can go a cheaper route and use the latest pse. then pp the files in cs3.
  6. I think if you use Adobe's dng converter and convert the camera raw files to dng, you should have no problem opening them in CS3.
  7. Also, why are you messing around in iphoto if you have CS3? For organizational purposes, Bridge will do if you're not ready to spring for Lightroom. There's nothing wrong with iphoto, it's just not ideal to mix these programs up.
  8. The last camera raw version to support CS3 was 4.6. Later versions will not work with versions older than CS4.
  9. Dan, to sum up: go here:
    download DNG converter. Convert your raw files to dng. Discard or save your raw files as you wish. You can even embed a copy of the raw file into the dng file with, of course, a larger file size.
    Open the dng files in Bridge to view the thumbnails. When you open a dng file from Bridge it will automatically open in ACR. Make whatever adjustments you desire in ACR then open in Photoshop.
    Personally I would avoid iPhoto like the plague, it wants to control where everything is and does a very poor job of it. I have even removed it from my hard drive.
  10. Thanks guys, I figured it out. And I agree, I think I will stop using iphoto =P
  11. i'd do a bit of research in regards to throwing away your original raw file after you have converted to dng.
  12. the Mac OS tries to keep you from poking around in the iPhoto library. the icon you see that is called "iPhoto Library" won't open when you select it in photoshop's "open" dialog, as you have found.
    Here's what to do: open a finder window, select "pictures". hold down the control key and click on "iPhoto Library" (or right click on it if you have a 2-button mouse). select the option "show package contents". one of the items will be "originals", which is where all your original photos are stored (if you've ever edited any of them in iPhoto, the edited versions are in the folder "Modified".)
    highlight the "originals" folder (don't open it) and select "Make alias" from the gearwheel menu at the top of the finder window. then, move the "originals alias" to the "picture" folder. now when you open PS, (or use Bridge) and select "open", select "pictures", you'll see "Original alias" as one of the choices. select that and navigate to the photo you are seeking.
  13. I was finally able to open the .dng in camera raw from bridge. But when I click open file, meaning its going to open in photoshop cs3 it says "could not complete your request because of a program error." Why will cs3 not open the .dng file that Bridge would open in Camera Raw?

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