I can't find Nikon View on the CD that came with my D70

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hearst, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. I just (Thursday) got a nice new D70 from B&H. Two CD's came with
    it. One has Picture Project and a trial version of Nikon Capture,
    the other the manual for Picture Project. I can't find Nikon View
    either by searching the CD or even by installing Picture Project (I
    uninstalled it then.)

    Anyone know what's going on? Also, do I care, since I have
    Photoshop CS with the RAW converter for the D70?
  2. I note some news that rhe recent models don't have Nikon View.

    Aside, I bought mine in April from Japan and I still did not have mine. Try www.nikonusa.com and download it. Its free.

    PS RAW converter can be downloaded from adobe. Its better than the one from Nikon.
  3. Mine only came with Picture Project and Nikon "Capture trail version. You can download NikonView from the Nikon website for free.
  4. Isn't Picture Project supposed to replace (poorly) NIkon View?
  5. replace? yes for the D70 they that is their aim ....
    but NV will still work ... and better I think.

    u guys got trial NC?? I got jack. I jsut had PictureProject and it was japanese so really i got nothing ....
  6. Joe,
    Go to www.bythom.com He talks about it there..
  7. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    NikonView 6.2 can be downloaded from various Nikon web sites. It really doesn't matter whether they provide it in a CD or not. Whatever version on any CD will need updates anyway.
  8. Nikon View 6.2.1 can be downloaded freely from Nikon's web site.
    Download Nikon View 6.2.1
    Nikon View is much better than the bundled Picture Project with D70. Picture Project has very poorly designed interface and editing capabilities. Also just to see a slide show using that software one has to keep importing pictures into it's database.

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