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  1. Here's a summary on the Hy6:
  2. For some reason I can't get it to load. Maybe my internet connection is too slow. But I did look at some other sources on the camera, and must say that this is the first new camera I have seen in many years that interests me. What a brilliant idea. The camera looks really neat, if big. Very well balanced design, at least until you put that digital back on it. I am really wanting to see some Tri-X run through this!
  3. I have one suggestion: where you wrote "Hassy", change that to "Hasselblad".
  4. good tip. Will do.
  5. Thank you. That is a very good and useful summary. I've already printed it out and added to my folder with the user's manual.
    Two items you might add to the next revision:
    1. The 1.4X Longar converter was designed to complement the designs of the 2.0/80 mm, 2.8/180 and the 4.0/300 lenses. (I understand that these lenses were designed with the 1/4X in mind.) The 1.4X works well however, with the 2.8/80 Xenotar (not Planar) and lenses longer than 80 mm.
    2. The behind-the-lens shutter is designed for view camera lenses. There is no room in the back for the rear half of the lens. The shutter can accept lenses, such as enlarger lenses, with a 39 mm thread. (Not all 39 mm lenses will fit in the shutter, however, since the throat is a bit narrow). The shutter also comes with a 39/40 mm adapter so you can use it with the 120 mm or 150 mm Imagon lenses. I also use it with a 39mm to T2 adapter to connect the camera to a telescope.

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