Humming bird location in austin?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by anis, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Hi, I am looking for hummingbird spots to photograph them in wild. Is there a spot in austin,Tx where I can find them. I did manage to find a bunch of these little guys/gals when I went to possum kingdom state park.. but the light was so low that I could only manage 1/200 and would like to capture them at 1/800 or higher. Here is an image I took last week.. If someone can Identify the species, that will be great! Regards Anis
  2. Looks like a female Black Chin Hummingbird. The most common hummingbird in Texas. I
    live out in the Hill Country. I feed using two one quart bottles and in mid summer they
    drain em once a day. I've seen thirty birds around and on one feeder.

    They're getting scarce now. I don't know if they go North for a few weeks with the new
    young or if they've already started South. I suspect N because in September I notice a bit
    more sugar water consumption just before they dissapear altogether untill the next March.

    There is a botanical gardens in Austin. Never been there. You might take a little feeder
    with you and hang it in a tree and wait .... if they will let you. You might try stopping in to
    a nursery and ask if they feed and if you could take photos. I mention places with flowers
    for obvious reasons although I have no flowers around my place after the cactus bloom in
    May/June. My 'herd' stays at my place cause I've been feeding steady for ten years now. I
    worry about it just a tad cause if I go away there's going to be a hundred hummers, some
    seventh generation or so, that will have to find a new summer home. ;-} Little buggers
    are SO territorial.
  3. I do go to the botanical garden a lot, the problem, I was not
    able to select a location where the birds will return every time..I spent 4 hours once without getting one good shot :( .
    I am hoping to setup the feeder next spring and hopefully get some
    hummers.. :) I just dont seem to get tired of watching these birds.. Thanks for the tips Scott , Regards - Anis

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