Human Flying Drone?

Discussion in 'Aerial and Drone' started by G-P, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Check - done! Enjoy:
  2. That guy is (in)famous for high profile stunts ... the same, here. But they are flying that monster machine WAY too close to crowds of onlookers on those streets. One simple mishap away from serious injury or death. I just don't want my cool new tools taken away because Casey Neistat killed some kid watching him show off. I know, I sound like the Grinch, but it's a sobering issue. Humbug!
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  3. Unregulated, drones will multiply, followed by injuries, disasters and lawsuits. I can hear the lawyers salivating as we speak. But, that's just me...
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    Agreed, that drone was way too big for flight around a crowded area (especially since it was a prototype) - that aside - still pretty impressive to be able lift him for those stretches. At one point in the video he almost boarded under it...close call - laughs all around...that is until someone loses an appendage. ;)
    Used the correct way though drones have provided some impressive perspectives - check out this list from Time - best of 2016
  5. This drone is absolutely massive! I have a DJI Phantom 4 that I use when taking photos of ranches for sale in Montana and I couldn't imagine trying to fly this huge thing in place of mine. it definitely is a safety issue and shouldn't be flown so close to crowds like that.
  6. Well I think that is a little bit more weight than my Phantom can hold. lol
  7. All fun and games 'til someone loses a {place name of appendage here}

    That said, it is pretty cool...

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