HU: good deal on Epson V700/V750 in US

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by john_graham|3, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. I don't know if these are the lowest prices around but I've dealt with this
    outfit before and they've been upfront and reliable. V700 @ $475 and V750 @ $688
    w. mfr 1 yr warranty. They had "open box" 700's for $359 but those have just a
    2-week warranty. They have the CS2 upgrade for $144 also.
  2. Those prices are the lowest I have seen lately. It is good to see prices dropping now that supply is finally catching up with demand. Page Computers has the same prices although Newegg is offering free shipping with the 750, so Newegg seems to be the better deal. Like you, I have had great experience with Newegg. One thing people might want to investigate is whether they can pay a little extra to have their scanner inserted into a second, larger box for extra protection. Most places are just shipping them in the basic store display-ready box. My unit seems to have made it OK although it was knocked around enough to break one of the styrofoam packing braces.
  3. I've seen some reviews of the V700, but has anyone looked close at the V750 yet? I've been considering one to batch scan 35mm.

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