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  1. Beautiful!

  2. M-Mount ???? <br>

    <img src="">
  3. Could be interesting if they develop a couple of nice fast prime lenses for this camera.
  4. "M-mount?"

    No, 4/3. Maybe an adaptor out there?
  5. Fred, no, it's a 4/3 mount for the 4/3 "system" pioneered by Olympus.
  6. red dot?!!!!!!! what a shame. ; >)
  7. looks hot.
  8. Bokeh eh?
  9. Are the large images posted on dpreview of this thing at 100% size? Don't see the size mentioned anywhere. Like the O.I.S. and dust shaker built-in.
  10. kik


    For when the Leica "copy"? FOR WHEN THE FAST PRIMES? Fingers crossed! ; )
  11. The press release doesn't say whether the lens is made (or even designed) by Leica. I wonder if it has the same lineage as the other "Leica" lenses on Panasonic digicams, i.e. Leica-approved Panasonic designs.
  12. Looks like the 4/3 sensor size is even smaller than the APS sensors currently in Nikon DSLR's.
    Panasonic better be able to pull out a miracle in noise reduction for this sensor at ISO 640 and above.

    Let's see ...
  13. Still looks great for 4/3rds owners. They have lacked a stabilized lens for a long while. I
    wonder how long until Leicasonic releases a longer focal length stabilized lens?
  14. funny how 99% of contemporary equipment reviews fail to inform you properly about the viewfinder--arguably the most important part of a camera. judging by the pictures, i assume this one is "electronic". if so, that places the lumix neck-and-neck with a $25 disposable. why a company would want to spend time engineering a sophisticated lens in such a context is beyond me (unless, of course, the marketing department knew how to "sell" the idea).

    that said, i really hope i'm wrong and it's actually some kind of miracle/miniature rangefinder they've built in.

  15. vuk - apparently it's a true slr but with a sideways swinging mirror (a la Olympus Pen and current Oly E330?)... however i can't imagine it being comparable to a film based SLR...
  16. While the camera has a certain geek chic, it also reminds me why I sold my Nikon N8008
    and kept my Nikon F4. You just don't need that many buttons to have a great picture
    taking machine. The cameras I like the best have simple interfaces to control the camera
    and the machine itself doesn't get in the way of taking photos. That's what's so nice about
    the Leica Ms, and one reason why I use my M7 the most of any camera I have now.

    That's not to say it won't be a good camera for a lot of people, just that I won't be one of
    them. I hope Leica gets enough revenue out of the deal with Panasonic to keep going and
    to develop other things that I might actually like, like an M film body with a 1/4000
    second max shutter speed.
  17. "it also reminds me why I sold my Nikon N8008 and kept my Nikon F4"

    The F4 has more buttons than my digital camera.
  18. I said earlier that it would be nice if there were a couple of fast primes for 4/3rds mount.

    Sigma is quick off the block with a 4/3rds version of it's 30mm f/1.4mm EX DC HSM....

    OK it is not a Leica/Panasonic but it will make an interesting low light combination (with an equivalent of 60mm) on the new L1.

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