hp5 forced to 6400 with d76

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  1. I need to work with ilford hp5 forced to 6400 asa/iso, and my time's

    tables for developing dont have the developing time for this combination. I use d76 pure, somebody knows what will be the right

    time to do it? I think that d76 pure with hp5 forced to 1600 asa will

    be about 18 minutes. will 25 minutes be a right time to start on 6400?
  2. I suggest you refer to the giant developing chart at digitaltruth.com. Besides the chart itself, some general factors for pushing are listed under the topic of pushing.
  3. First, you will not really get iso 6400. You will get ei 6400, which
    means a hopefully acceptable image when your exposure meter is set to
    6400. Exposure lattiude will be tiny. Subject contrast will make a big
    difference. Start with 2-3X your normal development time. Use a higher
    processing temp to save time. You will have to test and adjust. No one
    can give you some magic time that will make images acceptable to you.
    It would help to use a speed increasing developer like Microphen, DDX
    or Acufine.
  4. I think HP5+ @EI 6400 is going to be rather hopeless, especially in D-76. While you could certainly get an image, it'll be extremely harsh and grainy. But if you insist, around 30 minutes at 75F would be a starting point.


    If you really want a halfway decent EI 6400, try Delta 3200 in Microphen, 13'/75F.
  5. i will like to thanks for the answers. I finally work in that way,

    developing during 33 minutes at 30C degrees, getting a grainy but very

    acceptable results. (shooting during christmas night, at stree without

    any flash unit). if somebody has to work with those materials and circunstances, dont be affraid of do it. the results are good for journalist purposes.
  6. Tri-X @ EI 6400 yields far superior results. I've found that HP5 can
    barely handle a one stop push.

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