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  1. Mylords, Ladies and Gentlemen,<br>
    I am to buy a printer, untill now I was focussed on Epsons, but now I found that
    HP has a very good offer with the Designjet130GP, but I didnt find any serious
    review. So please report your own experiences or show me a link to a review.
    Especially I am interested in the print quality, but also in the costs of the
    inks, I just found that tiny 69ml packages, compared to Epsons 220ml, and as
    the 130GP has some built in color calibration hardware, does this only work with
    a RIP?<br><br>

    Happy new year to all,<br>Martin
  2. HP provides some information on printing costs (especially as compared to epson). Do a
    google search but keep in mind that these are HPs numbers. Personally, I've found the
    designjet to be a very frugal printer and I can print for a very long time on the cartridges.
    My designjet has also never clogged so there is no ink wasted on cleaning cycles.

    If you compare the price on the ink, you'll see that the 220ml cartridges are also more
    than 3x the cost of the HP 69ml inks. So about the same by volume.

    Quality wise, the prints are superb with very good black levels. I showed a few prints to a
    gallery owner and he thought that they were lightjet prints. The printer however does have
    two drawbacks: (1) you can only print on glossy and satin if you want "archival" prints. (2)
    the prints are not water proof -- this hasn't been a problem for me, you just have to be
    careful if you get a water drop (e.g., spit, etc.) on the print to let it dry and not wipe it
  3. Steve touched on a huge advantage to the HP - I have owned maybe 8 HP printers so far and have never had a clog in any one of them, no matter whether they were used constantly or sat for weeks unused. I own one Epson (the Picturemate, that I use to proof prints with) and its a constant battle with clogged jets (and the cleaning process uses up how much ink cleaning and then testing?).

    I also found all the HP's to be frugal with ink and would expect no less from the 130. I think you will be quite satisfied with it.

  4. Thank you for your answers, they are quite helpfull for me.<br>
    Happy New Year to all of you<br>
  5. This printer has stunning blacks and a large gamut. And it can print up to 24" wide at a very low cost, not bad!

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