Hoya S-HMC vs. S-HMC Pro1

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone have hands-on experience with these filters, particularly
    the circular polarizers? How does the Pro1 version compare with the S-
    HMC? Also, how does the Pro1 (or the S-HMC) polarizer compare with
    B+W's MRC filters?

    Any thoughts on this would be most welcome before I take the plunge.


  2. When comparing Hoya S-HMC vs S-HMC Pro 1, in terms of image quality, you will find absolutely no difference.

    If you use super wide angle lenses, the Pro 1's might be a good investment. Althought I never vignette with the non Pro 1's at 16mm. I think this has more to do with construction of the lens by the manufacturer you use.

    I personally don't use more then 1 filter at a time, unless its some type of color correction filter with a ND grad like the Lee system, in which case, the regular S-HMC are just fine, even at 16mm.

    In terms of polarizers, I do believe a slim line version is well worth the investment.

    B+W MRC filter quality is the same as the Hoya. You'll be hard pressed to find any difference. I use both and have never found a difference in quality between the two.

    The two differences I found which can be incredible important are the fact that B+W uses brass rings. (Not everyone needs this) And B+W usually has less of a f-stop loss as compared to other manufacturers.

    Hope this helps.
  3. The "Pro" filters are just thinner. You would use them on wide angle and zoom lenses where vignetting might be a problem. Otherwise the S-HMC filters are optically the same.

    I've been quite happy with my S-HMC UV filters. On numerous occasions I've shot identical scenes with and without them, and I have yet to notice any difference between shots. They do not seem to introduce any additional flare. Now I just leave them on at all times to protect my lenses.

    I've never compared them to B+W.
  4. While I am very satisfy with the optical quality and the thicknesss (very thin) of my Pro 1 CPL filter, I don't like the lens cap that come with it. Since Pro 1 is very thin, the clip on cap that comes with the lens does not fit onto it. Hoya provides a push on one with the filter but after some use it tends to become too loose and falls out easily. I have 3 Pro 1 filters and all of them have the same problem.

    I am now looking at buying 3rd party cap that can secure onto the filter and the lens.
  5. Having recently completed some very serious filter shopping... and becoming very confused, I think many would find this website very helpful:
    Robin Kantra Photographic Supply
    Unfortunately, they don't carry B+W, so they don't have any info to clarify the oh-so-subtle and obscure descriptions, but very un-subtle price differences between the varieties of B+W filters; but they do have very clear descriptions about Hoya's variations.
    The descriptions and information is refreshingly honest too!
    They carry Heliopan, instead of B+W as their top-of-the-line. I have no personal experience with Heliopan, but I would note that you might want to do a search on Photo.Net and read what others have said before buying.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. I've decided to go with the Pro1 versions, because of their thickness, as I do a lot of very wide angle shooting.
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    I think you've made the right decision. I have two B+W polarisers
    and the Hoya super Pro 1 . After using the B+W for years - and
    indeed I also had their "slim " MC product until I dropped it - I
    now use the Hoya every time I polarise. I just find it has a
    cleaner look than I was getting with B+W and the combination of
    a very slim filter with a front thread is unusual and useful. No
    doubt the mount is flimsier and lighter than the B+W equivalent.
    But optically i think its better and gives truer colour.
  8. According to my sources (i.e. Hoya) the Pro 1 Digital and the S-HMC circular polarizers are
    both the exact same thickness, namely 5mm. The difference is that the S-HMC has 7 layers
    of coating compared to the 3 on the Pro 1 but the Pro 1 has double treading whereas the S-
    HMC doesn't. As well, the Pro 1 has "digital" multicoating (whatever that means), a black
    almite frame (reduces reflections), and black rimmed glass (ditto). Oh, and the Pro 1 Digital
    package is blue whereas the S-HMC package is black.

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