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  1. I am not a paid member yet but I registered and posted five images for people to enjoy or line the bird cage with. Am having occasional fun but there is a lot of work envolved getting some to a printable stage. My main interest is large open panoramics. They are stitched with PTgui and mostly printed at Costco. Though I do use Moonphoto in Seattle for some images. I am currently unemployed, moving to Port Angeles, and will be back in college there at the end of the month. Hopefully the new knowledge will allow me to start a business to take me to retirement and beyond. Lots of learning and reading to found here. My last book purchase is the new edition of Ansel Adams color photography in hardcover.
  2. riz


    Hello Mathew,
    Good luck and happy shooting :)
  3. Hello Mathew.
    Nice shot of the Thunderheads.
  4. Welcome to PN. Nice shot!
  5. Always nice to see more Washington locals on PN. Welcome!

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