How'd they do that?

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  1. I see your post. So it was a composite. Interesting. I think a single shot would have been better but, I don't know if he didn't have them all available for a group shot and was forced to the composite. Or was trying to allow them to pick a pose. Bottom line, I don't like the composite or the individual shots but what is really important is beauty is in the eye of the checkbook holder, so if the parents liked it, so be it. I would suggest if you are going to do a composite try to keep the lighting and camera height consistent otherwise it produces an image that, for me at least, is uncomfortable to look at, not because it doesn't look "real" but because the mind knows something is wrong. Reminds me of pulling into Watsonville, CA a day after the Loma Prieta earth quake. Block after block of houses had just slipped off their foundations and were intact but at 10 or 20 degree angles off vertical each in a different direction. Was disturbing enough, my business partner got nauseous. We unconsciously expect that walls on houses are vertical and when they are not, we sense something wrong. Same with the lighting in this composite. Something that also indicated composite was feet were not shown, It is hard to realistically ground them so cropping is a usual solution.
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    Until today I missed this response and all the responses after it. I am now acknowledging same and my appreciation for you coming back with this information and the link.

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