How would you improve the 5D Mark II?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by dan_south, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. How would you improve the 5D Mark II?

    What features would you like to see in an updated model? I'd like to encourage as many ideas as possible, so please feel free to
    post your ideas. Who knows? Maybe the Canoids will read this. ;-)

    On demand gridlines would be cool!
    • A border surrounding the histogram so I can easily tell where it ends.
    • A button that zeroes the meter in manual mode so I don't have to scroll through so many f/stops or shutter speeds.
    • Ability to create a jpeg from a previously captured raw in-camera with selectable parameters.
    • A slim battery grip like the BP-E1 that was released with the EOS 1n film body, no vertical controls necessary.
    Other than that I'm fairly satisfied.
  2. Mr. South…
    1. I’d like to see 4800 pixels on the “short” side. That would print 16 inches at 300PPI.
    2. Something that WON’T happen, TIFF right out of the camera.
    A. T. Burke
  3. I would really to have built in flash commander ability to be able to do away with the ST-E2!
  4. Simple:
    I want a round sensor that fully utilizes the image circle (can always crop later!),
    Return of eye control focus (even if it has fewer AF points).
  5. Where do I start?
    To make the current camera perfect, I would do this:
    1. Better AF performance on the outer points. The current ones are a complete joke.
    2. AF points spread wider across the frame
    3. Weather sealing. Canon has done half a job which means they may as well not have bothered. The camera likes to drink water through the joystick control and seize up.
    4. More control of the auto ISO function i.e. the abilty to set upper and lower limits.
    5. Fix the diopter adjustment wheel so it doesn't keep moving on its own.
    To make a new model even better I would do the above 5 mods and then also add:
    6. 60fps video shooting at 1080p like the 1D
    7. Increased high ISO performance.
    8. Built in wireless flash control to do away with the ancient ST-E2.
    9. Built in GPS
    10. Decent Sony style AF in Live View
    11. AF at f8
    12. Higher MP count
    Other silly demands such as 10fps shooting can be forgotten about as it will never happen.
  6. More pixels, more dynamic range, AF assist, an artificial horizon, and a price under $2,000. I don't need video recording.
  7. I would improve the 5D mkii, by putting one into my hands in place of my 5D mki. :|
    Some people just can't be satisfied.
  8. I'd be happy with just 6 fps. However I wish Canon would go the Nikon route of providing an optional crop system for sports, say 1.6x equivalent, that could then fire at 8 to 10 fps.
    P.S. I still have not opened my 5D II manual, so perhaps it will do this, but I would like it to count pictures down in the viewfinder, not up!
  9. jpb


    Side by side comparison of shot
    frames (jump feature is cumbersome)


    Identical file naming between files
    captured simultaneously to card and
  10. Some vegetable suggested:

    1. Better AF performance on the outer points. The current ones are a complete joke.
    Yes to improving the AF, though the current camera is not a "complete joke" in this regard. It actually works quite well.
    2. AF points spread wider across the frame
    Yes, but only if additional AF points are added. A wider spread would be useful, though putting them too far apart might not be so good.
    3. Weather sealing. Canon has done half a job which means they may as well not have bothered. The camera likes to drink water through the joystick control and seize up.
    I don't see this as an issue. I shoot mine in light rain and snow and so forth with only reasonable cautions and have done so for over five years with a 5D and a 5D2. I'll take better sealing if it is offered, but not sure how much it is really needed. (And yours is the first report that I've heard concerning thirsty joy stick controls.)
    4. More control of the auto ISO function i.e. the abilty to set upper and lower limits.
    Sounds like a reasonable improvement.
    5. Fix the diopter adjustment wheel so it doesn't keep moving on its own.
    I keep my glasses on, so I've never noticed this to be an issue. Of course, if it were changing, I suppose I would notice that, glasses or not.
    To make a new model even better I would do the above 5 mods and then also add:
    6. 60fps video shooting at 1080p like the 1D
    Speaking for myself, video isn't a priority, and super hight end video is even less of an issue.
    7. Increased high ISO performance.
    Always useful I suppose, though the camera is certainly not slouch in this regard right now.
    8. Built in wireless flash control to do away with the ancient ST-E2.
    That would be a good thing Canon-wide.
    9. Built in GPS
    Guess that appeals to some, but it is a complete non-issue for me.
    10. Decent Sony style AF in Live View
    I use live view a lot and am happy with it, but if something can make the experience even better so be it. For me, the main reason to use live view is to manually focus with great precision, and the 5D2 allows that.
    11. AF at f8
    Sounds like you want a pre-1Dx 1-series body... I'll take f/8 AF if it is offered.
    12. Higher MP count
    Though most won't need it, I could.
    About "silly demands:" 1-series features set in a body that sells for 1/3 of the price? Don't hold your breath! :)
  11. The only improvement I'd really like to see is a better AF system; viz., more focusing points, and all of them cross-type.
    Oh, and the return of eye control focusing (ECF) wouldn't be too bad, either, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  12. Hey JDM! What is wrong with the MK I? I couldn't afford the MK II so I bought a used MK I and love it! I know that the sensor is updated, and the ISO performance is better, but the image quality of the MK I is fine for me.
  13. It's perfect save for the lack of ECF and grid on demand in the VF.
  14. 1. Auto Focus with movies

    2. Improved focus

    3. More fps along with contiguous shooting (well at least 3x-4x what it does now

    4. Dual CF slots

    5. Built in GPS

    6. Higher Resolution

    7. Ability to do 5,7 shot bracketing

    8. Some kind of scripting capability

    9. 16 bit raw images

    10. Higher dynamic range
  15. Put the 5D2 sensor in a 7D-featured body. That covers most of it. I'd like ECF as well.
  16. Trivial additions for the MKIII:
    100% viewfinder. Artificial horizon/viewfinder level, switcheable vf grid.
    Nice to have but not a big issue:
    Built in wireless flash commander .
    One can always use better high ISO performance.
  17. Same complaint with any DSLR: DUST! To borrow from "My Fair Lady," why can't a camera be more like a hard drive?
    It works like this: When we zoom or focus any lens with telescoping barrels, air must be drawn in and out of the camera/lens combination. This usually flows through the battery chamber, card chamber, and other assorted small orifices that have collected lots of dust, then through the mirror box where the dust is deposited, and then in and out of the base of the lens. The problem is even worse with a sealed lens, which draws air through the mirror chamber more efficiently. See a problem here?
    Instead, why can't anyone manufacture a camera body with a mirror chamber that is sealed, except with a filtered ventillation port on the bottom of the camera -- with a user-changeable filter? (Come on, Canon, you could be the first!) Isn't this an easier and cheaper solution than ultrasonic vibrator thingies (which are nice too)?
  18. i would categorize my demands on 2 groups:
    the first group contain the very important ones:

    1. weather sealing. i dont agree that the sealing is ok, mine already died once because of a splash of water, but i found on the forums many other people's complains about this. while the owners of other cameras claim to have no such problems at all, despite they used it in much harsher conditions in which my camera dies (Some of these people i know, and i heard they stories personally, so i dont think they lied, anyway, plenty similar stories are on the internet too). i am also afraid that Canon will not answer this demand, because they did the half of the job.
    2. better dynamic range. i would like to see a 4 stops improvement, which is possible and can be easily done, if we consider that some new crop models like nikon d7000 or pentax k5 are already 2 stops better (and almost 1 year old). with this 4 stops i would be able to forget about multiple exposure belndings.
    the other and not as much important improvement would be:
    -artificial horizon line
    -ability to set ISO-s of 50, 25 and 12,5
    -more megapixels. 30 would be enough
    -an effective dust removing system
    -keep the price under 2500$, maybe 2000$
    -bigger and at least 2x better resolution screen
    -less noise on base iso in very long exposures.
    which i dont think necessary:
    other focus system, metering, frames-per second, video, high iso.
  19. This wish list is also more oriented towards video:
    1.) Detachable LCD screen. Maybe it also articulates like the 60D, but definitely removable with optional cable lengths to place it off the camera where preferred. This would open the possibility for a slighter larger display (but maybe it would require the grip for additional power consumption?) This also opens the door for better loupe style viewers & mounting (maybe even a Canon EVF - I bet they'd make some good money off me there!)
    2.) One-touch white balance button (similar to camcorders). This just makes things a lot quicker and easier. For underwater shooters, a single button press is ideal vs going from button to wheel to button, etc.
    3.) Fix up the audio like the 60D, 1Dx, etc.
    4.) Electronic tilt / level indicators like the 7D (for the LCD) + maybe an option to overlay a level line in the viewfinder.
    5.) A 7D style flash triggering system - not sure how to do this and still leave the flash off the 5d? This is also a plus for underwater photography since optical strobe inputs can then be used in place of another wire passing through the housing.
    6.) The ability to split video files during review so that unwanted footage can be deleted in camera. This is great for vacation / travel where a person doesn't want to bring along a laptop. I'm sure there might be some fragmentation issues but when offline I think the splitting operation could take priority over pressing a shutter button.
    7.) Better video activation buttons (like the 7D).
    8.) If possible, add a second smaller storage card (SD?) slot. To prevent overlap with the 1dx family maybe it can only mirror whats on the CF card. This then opens the door to have optional wi-fi based SD cards with more tethering / download capabilities. Perhaps along with this option, a extra jack on the side for a optional antennae.
    9.) I always wondered if there was a way they could implement a more manual version of the C300's internal ND filter system. Perhaps on a 5D there would be a slot on the side that the user could insert just a single ND filter into that would be used when the mirror goes up. Probably not room in there but with the dust removal system at least it wouldn't get so dirty. This would open the door for Canon and others to sell us even more ND filters! But it would place them in a much better location and only require one set.
    10.) Add video friendly shutter speeds (1/48, 1/120, etc).
    11.) Better support for slow motion shots (fps above 60).
    Actually, what I'd really like to see is a cheaper (under $2000) version of the C300 form factor which shoots vivid, sharp 1080p (forget all the 4K req's at this price range) . If it could also shoot 10MP stills, perfect! Use a auto focusing technology like Nikon's V1 (Aptina?) or better. Make it EF mount of course. Ideally, it would be full frame but using a 1.6x opens the door for smaller lenses like the nice Tokina UWA f2.8.
    The 5d2 is actually an awesome camera :) I'd prefer they 1st put some R&D time into replacing the EF-50mm f/1.4 lens and fixing up a few of the other $400 lenses to the standard of the EF-85 f1.8 (as an example).
  20. I've had my 5DMkII a few months. I must press the joystick repeatedly to get the Quick Screen to come up. A drop of mist or sweat would fry it. It IS a big deal; I sweat like a crack addict in warm weather. Weather sealing it would be no big deal. I expect better from a $2,500 -3,000 camera.
    The button for quick setting the focus points is way too sensitive and poorly placed. At least a third of the time I don't get any post-shot view, because I've hit it accidentally. I use a hand grip, instead of a shoulder strap, which is part of my problem.
    Ditto on the viewfinder level.
  21. I would like a "depth of field priority" mode, in addition to Aperture. Where I could set the depth of field, for example 1 foot, and the camera will use the distance to the current focus point and current focal length to set the aperture.
    It would be a bonus if it also adjusted the shutter and iso so I can get an exposure without hand held motion blur.
  22. You'll notice that I still have the 5D mk i.
    I don't need movies at all, and the 12MP is good, but I wish the sensor was not such a dust magnet.
    Higher ISO would be nice too, but as an old user of films like GAF 500, the noise problem is for me totally inconsequential. I would probably have killed for ISO 3200 color slide film back in the day.
    That's why I said, "some people are hard to satisfy."
  23. Yoav, there were film EOS cameras that had the DEP mode. To use it, you'd focus on the nearest object and the farthest object you wanted in focus, and the camera would then set the aperture and focal distance appropriate to that range, given the focal length of the lens. It's a mystery to me why this very useful mode would not have been carried forward to other models, including digital. I, too, would enjoy having this mode on a digital camera.
    I guess I'd pitch in another request to Canon: My vote is for better pixels, not more pixels. In particular, I'd love greater well depth and the greater dynamic range that would go with it. Along the same lines, I'd like better noise reduction for better shadow detail and higher ISO capabilities. Among other things, would it be possible to set dark frame noise reduction for exposures shorter than 1 sec? Please?
  24. Sarah Fox wrote: "Same complaint with any DSLR: DUST! To borrow from "My Fair Lady," why can't a camera be more like a hard drive?"
    Darn good point! Especially a good point given that one of the big improvements in the 5D2 was that it was less susceptible to dust.
  25. Lots of great suggestions, thanks. How do we forward them to the Canon execs? ;-)

    Here's one more:

    The current Live View implementation is excellent, but I'd like the image to be sharper and less grainy in low light.
  26. I'm with John Wright. Drop the 5D2 sensor in 7D with all its speed, advanced menu, built-in flash and improved controls (on-off switch). I owned two 7D's before getting the 5D2. I felt like I'd gone back to a retro-camera as far as controls, speed and menu. That said, when I need a Canon I reach for the 5D2 now.
  27. Variable angle LCD and easily detachable strap a la Hasselblad V. That's it.
  28. Sound of the shutter/mirror. This camera sounds worse than Olympus OM2SP.
  29. 1. Improved dynamic range
    2. Less noise / even better high iso performance (is not bad at all now)
    3. Electronic horizon

    And a nice bonus would be:
    4. Build in trasmitter for wireless flash
    5 moderate price like hthe 5d2 cost now er even a bit less would be nice.
  30. What John Wright said. :)
  31. I think the 5DmII was a vast improvenent over the 5dc but if Canon does not do something with the Focus system (make it at least comparable to the 7D which could also be improved upon with todays technology) and unless they expand the FEC beyond +/- 2 to say +/- 5 as well as expanding their EC to at least +/- 7, especially for mulitple exposures capturing HDR, then they will have surely missed the boat with the 5DmIII.
  32. FEC=field effect controller? Surely you mean AEB: auto exposure bracketing?
  33. Spearhead

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    Integrated cell phone.
  34. I'm fine with mine. Not looking for any improvements.
  35. FEC - Flash Exposure Compensation
  36. Ah, I see yes. Many would like AEB to be expanded for more than 3 exposures for HDR work.

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