How waterproof is the M6

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by andreas_carl, Aug 7, 2000.

  1. Can I take the M6 out in light rain? How about heavy rain? Anyone with experience using the M6 under bad wheather conditions, I'd love to hear your stories!
  2. Since late 1993 when I first got it new, my M6 chrome has been
    subjected to quite a bit of
    light rain, but I've always wiped it off soon after. I've never
    drenched it, but I've been caught in the rain before with it. I tuck
    in under my arm as much as I can. I worry more about the lens than
    the camera, actually, so I find myself cupping the lens and pointing
    it down. But I've had no problems yet (knock on wood).
  3. Same here. I've had my M6 chrome out in the rain lots of times. I kept
    the lens pointed down when not shooting.


    I don't think I'd want to immerse it in a bucket of water as a test,
    but I've found it stands up to the weather quite well.

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