how was this done?

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  1. Any ideas how this was done? What light to create the shadows? All I know is
    he had a nikon camera.
  2. sure looks like a nuclear blast to me, or, a videoagrapher. same difference
  3. looks like the light from either someone else's flash or from the videographer.

    either way he was at a much higher angle to the altar than what ever the light source was.
  4. Wireless flash? or freakishly good (bad) timing.

    Was the effect intentional? That might help pick one of the above.
  5. Probably just a photo taken at the same time that someone's point & shoot flash went off. It happens fairly often at weddings that I shoot. Sometimes it makes a really cool photo, sometimes not.
  6. Hi, Until you get a more knowlegable reply, its basicly a double exposure. A floor level very brief point source approx the distanc in front as the background is behind gives the subjects shadow. Two high soft light sources on either side produce the remaining shadows from the full exposure. Its an interesting effect and should be reproduceable after some experimentation. D.D.
  7. thank you all very much
  8. As somebody who's shot tons of weddings, I offer a couple of possibilities.

    One, there was a guest's flash that went off at the exact same time as the photographer opened his shutter. The respondent who said it happens from time to time is correct. I can count on this happening at least once a wedding. It is far more likely to happen if the photographer is using a longer shutter speed, which is very common when trying to take a shot using available light.

    Two, either intentionally or un-intentionally, the photographer had a flash downstairs that was radio-slaved to his camera. He was shooting from the balcony.

    Happy shooting. -BC-
  9. This could be called "color crossover" where the light from two different sources are so far
    apart in their color temperature that one cannot achieve a natural looking color balance.

    Perhaps someone opened the outside door to the church during the time the
    photographer was taking a rather longish time exposure under the tungsten light of the
  10. I guess I would like to know so I DON'T do it, I don't like the image at all! but remember that's my opinion only.

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