How to use Canon 580EX II effectively

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  1. Hi,
    I've had a Canon 580EX II flashlight and looking for some good sources that show me how to operate it effectively, like when to use this/that function, under this/that condition, output needs to be increased/decreased, etc. The manual that comes with it doesn't offer much. I see many books and of course, they all say good things about their books. Anything that you can recommend me to read? Thanks.
  2. Get this book. It is the canon flash bible and should come with every flash they sell.
  3. stp


    Agreed. I'm reading that book now -- it's very detailed.
  4. Another excellent book is "Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography" by NK Guy, who also posts here on this forum. So far this has been my favorite book on Canon flash.
  5. If you plan on using the flash on your camera then Neil van Niekerk's book "On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography" is the best I have found on this topic.
  6. Ah yes R Smith, and his website is excellent. I have half a dozen black foamie things in black and white.

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