How to use 2-light setup for someone with glasses?

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  1. I understand that with just using one light I can have the subject tilt his glasses away from the "family of angles" that reflect the light. However, I need to add fill light, and since I'm shooting in an office, I can't rely on a small 5-in-1 reflector since I have no assistant or stand to hold it.

    So the question remains, how do I add fill to the shadow side of his face without causing glare in his glasses if he's already slightly turned away from the main light? Assume the sitter will not take off his glasses or the lenses in them.
  2. Same idea with one light. Raise it up until you don't see it. The best solution is to set the lights however you want and take one shot without glasses. use Photoshop in post
  3. Raise the earpieces of the glasses so the lens is tilted down slightly. Don't overdo it, it's noticeable. Or, just move your light or reflector so it's out of view.
  4. Look up incidence of reflection....
  5. One little trick I've used for years is to carry a small eyeglass screwdriver and carefully unscrew the lenses and remove them. Place them safely so you can tell right from left when you put them back in.
    Done it many times and never had an issue with it...
  6. Well, I read the original question so fast I overlooked that you disallowed the possibility of my solution :)

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