How to select preset WB on D70s

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by leigh_mazion, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. I know, "look in the manual". Problem is I'm on vacation and the manual is at
    home. Still getting use to to camera. My guess was to push and hold WB button
    then adjust with dial on back of grip. No go! What am I doing wrong?
  2. Make sure your WB is on preset. Or "PRE". Hold it down, and it'll say "PRE" where the number of frames you have left would normally be. Usually take a picture of something that is Grey or white. Grey usually works best for me. Best wishes.
  3. Thanks, the problem I'm having is when I press and hold the WB button, nothing happens. For example, when I press and hold the quality button, the only item left on the screen is the quality controls, and they change when I rotate the dial. With WB, I push the button and nothing happens! Does the WB work the same way as the other functions on the back of the camera? Could there be something wrong with mine?
  4. Make sure the rear monitor is off when you press the WB button.
  5. Hold the WB down and use your command dial to set your camera to "pre". Release the WB button and then press it again for 2 seconds. You'll then see a big "pre" flashing on your little top lcd screen. Release the WB button. You'll then have 5 seconds to shoot something white or grey to set your white balance.

    When setting my white balance I use manual focus (focussing doesn't matter to set your white balance) and I have my camera set to P mode (you can use any mode afterwards).

    You can reset your WB anytime by holding the WB down for 2 seconds (as long the camera is still set to "pre") until the big "pre" starts flashing on the little top lcd screen.

    I keep some white printer paper in my bag for setting white balance. As a tip, you can set your white balance to something that is slightly blue and this will have a warming effect on your shots (this is called a warming card).

    As mentioned above, your back LCD has to be off.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Turn the camera on, press and hold the WB button. The lcd screen should go blank except for a 0 (or whatever EV value you have set) at the top of the screen and the WB valuse at the bottom of the screen. Still holding the WB button, use the command dial at the back of the camera to cycle thru the different preset WB values until you find the one you want.

    PS - it won't work if you have the camera set to AUTO - you need to be in S or A or P or M mode...
  7. Thanks for all the input ... the battery had died right after I tried to make the WB change. After charging the battery, I noticed I had left the camera in AUTO when I was doing some "point and shoot" of the kids ... aghhh!! Set it back to A and no problems! I need to get some more sleep!! :)

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