How to Secure Prints for Sale

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by glenn_carroll, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Hey I am going to begin selling photos & graphic prints in local art stores in my home city. I plan on providing framed options and also just the prints themselves. What have you found to be the best way to present prints? I have shrink wrap and a heat gun to bind them, but I have not found a good surface that is economical to bind them to. I was thinking cardboard. Do you just buy sheets of cardboard and cut it down to size? Where is a good place to get it? A nice white backing or black backing of some kind would look great, but might cost more.
    Any help / recommendations would be great, thanks
  2. "Economical" is a relative term. I would definitely recommend that you do not use cardboard. Many people will attach their photos to a mat using photography tape. You have a choice in the types of mats that you can use ranging from "standard" to "museum". Check online suppliers such as Matboard&More or Redimat. You can pick up pre-cut mats such as 11x14 with 7.5x9.5 window for $2.56 USD each when buying 10 or $1.82 USD each when buying 20. At Redimat you can buy thin backing board 8x10 for $0.29 USD ea. or 11x14 for $0.58 ea USD.
    Remember besides trying to sell your photographs, you are also establishing a brand identity and standard.
  3. I know some do sell loose prints, but I won't. If not framed, prints are matted so that they are pretty much enclosed (except where it matters) with acid free matboard (backing board hinged to the window mat). These are then put in crystal clear bags or something similar. They can be seen and protected if in a craft show and they're more stiff for security with mailing. This way, I also get to decide what color mat and exactly where the edges of the mat touch the print. I also will cut my own mat if I didn't print to a standard size. This makes it easier for the customer to find a frame themselves since I keep the outer dimensions the same as standard frames.

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