How to scan 4 2/14 frames with 9000 film holder

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by paul_sharratt, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. I have many rolls of 2 1/4 film that are cut in strips of 3 with 4 images on
    each strip. Is there a way to place them on a filmholder for the Nikon 9000
    without cutting the strips down to 3 images per strip.
  2. What is the frame size? Only 6x4.5 can be placed 4 at a time. Don't even try it with a longer
    strip, the clips at the end of the clamps will punch holes in the sides of the film.
  3. If you undo the regular MF film holder and get a slice of the anti newton glass to put on top
    of film, you can accommodate longer film strips, although you have to be careful not to scan
    the 3rd shot, but to invert the strip after the second frame, invert, and scan the other 2
    frames - this way you do not risk that the lid of the carriage bends your sticking out film.
    Also, remember to remove the right screw in the holder, to avoid buckling the film. There
    are sellers of these AN glass inserts in the market - check on the net.
  4. A Nikon LS-9000 will scan up to four 6x4.5cm shots in one batch, three 6x6cm frames, two 6x7 frames and (almost) 1 6x9cm frames (max 83mm).

    If you have to cut your film, leave at least two frames per stip - it's really hard to align a single frame unless you use a rotating glass holder.

    If you want sharp scans from corner to corner with 120 film, you must use a glass holder (if you can find one). If you decide to make one, make sure you don't shoot through AN glass - the pattern is resolvable by the scanner. In the OEM holder, the bottom glass is clear but with an anti-reflection coating.

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