How to save raw file in Lr and Ps CC

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  1. How does one save the original, unedited raw file in LR cc and Ps cc 2018? Thanks.
  2. The original, unedited is still there right where you put it unmodified. Lightroom editing is "non-destructive"; it does not change any pixel in the RAW file. Instead the editing steps are recorded, either in the Lightroom catalog or in a XMP sidecar file. When you view the image, either in Lightroom or exported to Photoshop where it is opened in a compatible version Camera RAW. the steps are applied to the RAW file in memory and the result displayed, but the RAW file itself is untouched. The only time pixels are changed is when the edited image is exported as another file type - JPEG, TIFF, PSD, etc. And then only the exported file is changed; the original RAW file is untouched.

    If you wish to go back to the original but at the same time keep the edit changes you have made:

    1) First create a Virtual Copy of the current edited state. In the Develop Module, click Photo > Create Virtual Copy.

    2) In the Develop Module Click the RESET button - bottom right side of the Develop window. You are now back at square one, but the Master remains edited.

    3) Or on the Virtual Copy you can step back through the steps in the History Panel (left side of the window) to any previous point.
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  3. I do a lot of editing, and print from Ps. What are the steps to take to ensure or find the unedited original raw file? Thanks!
  4. The RAW file will always be where you put it upon Import with Lightroom. Its location will not change (unless you change it) nor will the RAW file be changed. You can always go back to the unedited version by going to the History panel and selecting the Import point. To find a RAW file using LR, right click on the image and select "Find in Explorer". A window will open showing the folder and its images where the RAW file is located.
  5. PS is a different animal; it does change pixels. You cannot, however, save you edited image in RAW format; you must use one of the other supported formats - JPEG, TIFF, PSD, etc. Therefore, as I wrote above, your originals file which will have a RAW file suffix - NEF, DNG, whatever your brand of camera uses - will still be in its original state right where you put it. To find it using Lightroom, use Alan's instructions (above), or use your operating system's search function on the file name.*.

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