how to resize raw files

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  1. how can we resize(edit) raw files in photoshop7 or cs2,or any alternate way i
    can resize raw files without loosing colors.
  2. How do you mean 'resize" raw files?

    Do you mean the original raw files or TIFF, PSD or JPEG derivations made from them?

    The easiest and most direct way is to use Image Processor in PsCS2. You can access this
    directly through Adobe Bridge, an integral part of PsCs2. In the Bridge menu bar, go Tools
    > Photoshop > Image Processor.

    If Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw are not recognizing a specific camera's raw format, you
    will need to update ACR to ACR 3.7. If you have a legitimate , registered version of Adobe
    PsCS2 this done via a free download from

    As to your question about "losing color' . You need to learn about color spaces, profiles,
    choice of color working spaces in PsCs2 and color management in general. Which also
    means you have to start thinking about how the photos will be used down the line.

    Since it sounds like you are pretty new to processing raw digital images, let me share with
    you a very solid piece of advice: never throw out , trash or discard your raw files.

    You also will need to learn how to set up Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw.

    While all of these subjects are basic, including basic color management, and can be
    mastered in an afternoon, they are a bit too involved for a short answer on an internet
    bulletin board. You should either take a class or invest in a good Photoshop book.
  3. There is no way that I know of to resize a RAW file and still end up with a RAW file. As Ellis mentioned, you can resize them when converting them to TIFF or JPEG, or after they have been converted.

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