How to Resize all my images at one time.

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  1. I am not sure how to take a folder that has all my wedding photos in there and
    put them into another folder and resize them all at once and not affect the
    original photos. I have PS 7 and tried to do it but I cant fifure it out.
    Appreciate anyones help. I want to give the customer a copy of their photos but
    resized. thanks dennis
  2. Resize 'Em All:
  3. Dennis,

    You probably should pick up a quick photoshop guide (I like the "Visual Quickstart" series in general). For resizing images, you will want to create an action (this is docked with your history pallet). Basically, you can record a series of events (like going to edit > image size > change DPI to 72 and then save). Then you can save this series as an action. Then you can go to File > Batch and choose the name of the action you created and the folder you want to use the images from, and it will apply the action to each. A little internet research will make this a little more clear.
    Best of luck!
  4. Download Picture project from for free.
  5. <> Irfanview has a good picture batch converter which can resize and more very fast and it is freeware. But recording a Photoshop action as mentioned may be even better. greetings, Markus
  6. see if this helps...i know how but have a hard time explaining it. :) and btw i have found you need to make sure you save to a different folder.
  7. Image Magick has the ability to resize them from the command line.
  8. XnView will also do it.
  9. Create a photoshop action. Install as little software as possible, INHO. Photoshop 7 is very robust. Learning to use actions is important anyway, and batch resizing is really one of it's best time saving features.

    Basically, pick one robust program, and learn to exploit it fully. Photoshop, Elements, Gimp, whatever. Then choose software or plugins to fill in the gaps. I believe you'll learn to get more done in a more consistent manner, quicker, this way, than using 10 different programs in your workflow.

    Especially if you use multiple computers.

    Google "photoshop action resize"
  10. *edit- IMHO*

    just stick with photoshop 7 for everything but raw conversion. Upgrade photoshop soon if you intend to shoot RAW images.
  11. Open all the photos you want to resize thn Create an action>call it resize. Record>image size> set size,etc. Then go to edit> either batch or automate I can't remember on 7 then make sure you have open files in the first box, then hit ok. If you would like a full how to email me off site and I'll send it to you.
  12. A lot of programs offer resizing, but nothing beats Photoshop if you need to sharpen, add your logo frame etc. along with resizing in one batch step.

    Unfortunately, things get a bit tricky if you wish to resize portrait and landscape images to the same dimensions. Photoshop actions do not have conditional operators ("if portrait, then do this otherwise do that"), so you need to resort to javascript in photoshop to do this. Here's a resource to get you started:

    and if you want to use "save for web" then things get a little trickier...

    it amazes me that such an old (and expensive) application like photoshop doesn't ship with basic capabilities like a flexible batch resize.
  13. Dennis, you should check out ACDSee Pro ( I've been using this software for years, and it is awesome. The pro version is only $130 bucks, yet can do lots of things you'd ordinarily need the $600 Photoshop to do. One of my most-used tools is the shadow/highlight tool for brightening shadow areas without affecting other areas of the image. It has a great resizing and renumbering tool too, with lots of output options to make sure you don't overwrite your original files. It's my main image management software. This is far better than creating a Photoshop action, which only runs image by image, whereas ACDSee can do all sorts of batch operations on a whole folder of images, or even the images you manually select in a folder. It can process or even batch-process RAW files, JPEGS, and lots of other formats. It's a REAL timesaver over manually working on each one in Photoshop. It also does lossless rotation of images, special effects, rotating and cropping that auto-trims the corners, and lots more. You can download a free trial too.
  14. u can resize it by using photoshop, or or any other photo editing program like Picture Resize Genius, It can batch proccess pictures and lets you resize pictures very easily. you can find it here...

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